How to Pay Vianet Internet bills using eSewa

Internet Bill Payment for All the ISP from eSewa

COVID-19 has taken the form of a global pandemic and people all around the world are urged to stay home and maintain social distance. After the WHO placed Nepal in a high-risk zone for possible Corona Virus outbreak, government-initiated lockdown from Chaitra 11, 2076. Many of the companies have started following Work from Home, maintaining communication over the Internet. As such, the Internet has become a major necessity during this period. But, as the lockdown period keeps on extending, people are facing more and more difficulties in paying their Internet bills. In attempts to help their customers, companies such as Vianet are encouraging online payments, and even posting instructions.

To pay your Vianet Internet Bills from eSewa, follow the below-mentioned steps:


First, let’s get your eSewa ID set up.

Install eSewa app from App Store or Play Store and register using your mobile number. After the successful registration, fill out your KYC details in order to get verified. For this, you will need your personal details including your Date of Birth, Address, Contact details, Occupation, Identification documents, and Passport Size Photo. After filling out all the information, your KYC will be verified within 24 to 48 hours.

Second, load money to your eSewa ID.

In order to pay your Vianet bills, you need to have funds in your eSewa wallet. You can add money to your eSewa using any of the following methods.

Load money using Mobile Banking app or Internet Banking:

  • In eSewa app’s home screen, tap on load funds.
  • Choose Mobile Banking or Internet Banking according to your preference.
  • Tap on your Bank’s icon from the list.
  •  For Mobile Banking:
    • Enter Amount and Purpose and Tap on “Load”.
    • Enter your Mobile Number and Password.
    • Enter the OTP you received in message and tap on Pay.
  • For Internet Banking:
    • Log in with your credentials.
    • Select Load eSewa (usually located inside Bill Payment Option)
    • Enter the eSewa ID, amount, purpose and load eSewa and tap on Confirm.
    • Enter the OTP you received in message and tap on Confirm.

Load Money via Card

If you use a 3D-secured Nepali Debit/Credit Card, you can add money to eSewa using the card as well.

  • In eSewa app’s home screen, tap on load funds.
  • Choose Card.
  • Enter Load Amount, Select Purpose and tap on “Proceed”.
  • Re-confirm your details and tap on “Proceed”.
  • Fill your card details, and tap on “OK”.
  • Enter the OTP you receive in your message and complete the load process.

Ask your friends for Send Money

The other way to load eSewa id via eSewa “Send Money”. You can request any of your friends using eSewa to help you load your eSewa wallet. All your friends need to do is tap on “Send Money”, enter your eSewa ID, Amount and Purpose and complete the transaction confirming the details and entering their MPIN.

Load Money from Counter Deposit

Visit any branch of our Counter Deposit Partner banks and fill out eSewa’s cash deposit voucher and submit it along with cash at the teller counter to add money to your eSewa account.

Load Money from Cash Point

Visit any of our Cash Points and ask them to load funds for you in your eSewa account. To know the nearest Cash Point location, tap on the three-dot menu icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Now, after you have successfully added money to your eSewa account, let’s start paying your Vianet Bills:

1.In eSewa app’s home screen, tap on “Internet” icon.
In eSewa app’s home screen, tap on “Internet” icon.

2.Tap on “Vianet”.
Tap on Vianet

3. Enter your Customer ID and tap on “proceed”.

Enter your Customer ID and tap on “proceed”.

4. Choose your package and tap on “Confirm”.

Choose your package and tap on “Confirm”.


5. Enter your MPIN/ Fingerprint to complete the payment process.

Enter your MPIN/ Fingerprint to complete the payment process.


Enjoy Vianet’s uninterrupted Internet while spending your days at home.

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