“How can you load fund in eSewa?” Viber quiz winners list.

Winners of Viber Quiz Contest

The love and support from our customers in our quiz campaign continues to overwhelm us every time. We are thrilled with the response and would like to thank everyone for your valuable participation. Today, we are announcing the 20 lucky winners of “How can you load fund in eSewa ?” Viber Quiz held on 19th May 2020.

Congratulations to each of the winners, and to those who didn’t win this one, don’t worry, we are coming with a new quiz on our Social Media platforms soon. The winners are as follows:



Winners’ Name

eSewa ID

1 Ishwar Sharma 98*****865
2 Raj Kumar Baniya 98*****588
3 Anil Shah 98*****961
4 Priajan Ale 98*****066
5 Uttam Shrestha 98*****419
6 Meghna Bagchand 98*****501
7 Dipendra Shahi 98*****686
8 Sunil Bahadur Tuladhar 98*****964
9 Anushka Karki 98*****142
10 Rabin Paudel 98*****455
11 Krishal Basnet 98*****581
12 Dipak Bhusal 98*****800
13 Bashudev Acharya 98*****553
14 Bijay Krishna Shrestha 98*****440
15 Kiran Adhikari 98*****855
16 Muskan Shrestha 98*****766
17 Janak Pokhrel 98*****669
18 Kisim Dhital 98*****391
19 Purna Bahadur Rawal 98*****446
20 Shiv Raj Kalauni 98*****486

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31 thoughts on ““How can you load fund in eSewa?” Viber quiz winners list.

    1. Hello Sir,
      The correct answer to this question was “All of the above”.
      Thank you.

  1. Our name never come on winners list how you are selecting winners?any criteria?

    1. Hello Sir,
      The correct answer for this Viber quiz was “All of the above”.
      Thank you.

  2. What are the answers? Please post result with answers. Atleast participants could check whether their answer was right or wrong. Esewa’s quiz tend be tricky, anyone gets confused. Please do that for all of us.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Thank you for the valuable feedback. In this case, the answer was “all of the above”. We will surely be posting the winner list with the correct answers mentioned from next time.

  3. पालो कती समय सम्ममा आउने हो ????? कि न आउने हो ???

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