Property Insurance Made Easy with eSewa!

Property insurance is the secret to financial stability when it comes to safeguarding your valued possessions, such as your lovely home and its belongings. Since protecting your property is important to us at eSewa, we provide a simple and convenient way for you to buy house insurance through our app, website, and insurance website.

Introducing Home Insurance through eSewa

Our Home Insurance product is specifically designed to provide comprehensive coverage for damages or losses to your home and personal property. With a coverage limit of up to 1 Crore and a policy duration of one year, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from unexpected events like fire, theft, or natural disasters.

 How to Get Home Insurance through eSewa

Getting home insurance through eSewa is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply follow these steps:

eSewa will provide a facility to buy Home Insurance easily through eSewa’s App, Website & Insurance Website.

The product will be listed inside the “Insurance” tab in the App/Web.

The Sum Assured (Insurance Amount) will be up – to 1 Crore.

The time period of the Insurance will be for a Year. The customer has to buy the Home Insurance every year after expiry.

Customers will have to upload a proper Photo of the house, details of the house owner, Address, the expected value of the house and its assets.

Required Documents:

  1. Policy details
  2.  Photographs
  3.  Police report, if any
  4.  Muchulka
  5.  Ward recommendation
  6.  Lalpurja copy
  7. Claim form (Duly filled & stamped)
  8.  Declaration letter regarding Installation date & cost of damaged property
  9.  Declaration sum insured value of damaged property
  10.  Estimate/ quotation or abstract of cost for damaged property
  11.  Repair bill
  12. Other relevant documents, if any

Claim Process:

  1. Written information about loss should be shared with insurance companies (Call, E-mail, Viber, WhatsApp and so on)
  2.  The claim handling team will coordinate with the contact person for a certain estimate of loss.
  3.  Collecting & verify required documents from the Insured.
  4.  A signed & stamped discharge Voucher will be forwarded to the insured for confirmation of the approved claim amount.
  5.  A cheque payment or bank transfer will be done for the claim amount.

Terms & Conditions:

A. Exclusions of the policy are as below:

  1. loss or damage caused by a Reduction in Income, Profit, Reputation, Popularity, Production System or Market value.
  2. Machinery Breakdown.
  3. Electrical and Electronic Equipment caused by High Voltage resulting from Lightning.
  4. Change of Temperature in Cold Storage.
  5. The explosion of the Boiler of the Pressure Plant.
  6. Physical damage to Computer and related equipment.
  7. Public Authority by Demolishing, Burning, use of Water or any other method.
  8. Radioactive Materials, Nuclear, Chemical or Bio-chemical Weapons.
  9. War and War-like situation.
  10. Change of nature of the insured item.
  11. Contamination of other objects.
  12. The loss occurred during the drying process

B. Claim can be done for:

  1. Deductible Excess – each claim
  • Earthquake: 2% of the claim amount or Rs. 10,00,000/- whichever is less.
  • Water Based: 5% of claim amount or Rs. 500,000/- whichever is less
  • Other Damage: 1% of the claim amount or Rs. 500,000/- whichever is less
  • Loss below Rs. 10,000/- cannot be claimed.
  1. The policy covers for:
  • Fire or internal burning of the building itself.
  • Storm, typhoon, hurricane, high-speed win, cyclone, tornado or any other atmospheric disturbance.
  • Rainfall, snowstorm, flood, overflow bursting or leakage of water from pipe, dam, pond, lake, sprinkle, drain, sewerage of stoppage of water supply, etc.
  • Earthquake or vibration of land resulting from an explosion.
  • Landslide, mudslide, rock slide, flowing wet mud, falling or subsiding of land elevated land, mud, stones, aggregate, brick, falling or subsiding of corner or road.
  • Lighting or thundering.
  • Explosion or implosion.
  • Aircraft, rocket, any flying object, comet, aerial mass, an unidentified object, machine, equipment, an object falling from the sky or loud sound of any flying object.
  • Impact, touching, falling of motor vehicle, train/rail, animal, any mobile item, falling of tree, plant, pole, wire, goods, machine, equipment, any other external object or falling of other house building or any other physical structure/assets.
  • Violent public disturbance, missile testing operation and terrorism.

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Don’t rely on chance to secure your house and personal things. Utilize eSewa’s home insurance program to benefit from the peace of mind that comes with it.

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