Digital wallets for the win

ak baral, eSewa user

Every week, we have one of our customers sharing their story with us. This week, we bring you the story of Mr. A.K. Baral. Mr. Baral says he has been using eSewa for almost 5 years now. Like most of us, he started using digital wallets after hearing it was easier to recharge phones. After installing the application, he found out he could do much more.

Currently, he recharges his mobile phones, purchase flight tickets, and pays for Internet all using his mobile phone. He says online payments has eased his life a lot and he is able to purchase movie tickets and organize time with his friends in the weekends, that too, from his home itself. Further, he mentions that eSewa’s bank transfer services is one of his favorite features as he can easily transfer money into his account even during bank’s off-hours. This service has helped him many times while filling up forms for company shares.

Lastly, he hopes eSewa will expand its Scan and Pay services soon beyond restaurants and in sectors like Petrol pumps as well.

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