Sureshot Bonus of Rs. 55 on receiving International Remittance in eSewa!

We are delighted to announce an exciting new bonus campaign for our valued users on receiving international remittances. Under this campaign, our users will receive a sure-shot bonus of Rs 55 for receiving remittance directly in their eSewa Wallet from our partner exchange houses and remittance services. So, text or call your loved ones right away to send the money directly into your eSewa Wallet. But before that, please ask them to confirm that they are sending the money through Esewa Money Transfer’s valid International Partners for this campaign.

The campaign is valid from June 16, 2023, to September 17, 2023. To avail of the bonus, users need to send a minimum of Rs 10,000 to their eSewa Wallet through any of our participating partners. To check the list of our participating partners, please scroll below. The bonus shall be credited to the customers’ eSewa Wallet within 24 to 48 hours of the transaction.

Terms and Conditions (English):

नेपालीमा यस अफरका शर्तहरू पढ्नका लागि कृपया तल स्क्रोल गर्नुहोला।

  • The offer will be valid from Jun 16, 2023, 12: 00 AM (Nepal time) and ending on September 17, 2023, 11:59 PM (Nepal time).
  • The offer will be Valid on the transaction’s mode of eSewa Wallet only, i.e. the money should be received directly in eSewa Wallet.
  • The beneficiary can receive the bonus up to two times a month during the campaign period.
  • The bonus amount shall be credited within 24-48 hours of the transaction.
  • To be valid for the bonus, a minimum amount of NRs. 10,000 should be sent as the remittance. 
  • eSewa Money Transfer and eSewa Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to review and cancel the terms and conditions of this campaign in case of suspicious activity and events beyond control without prior information to any party.



यस अफर योजनाका शर्तहरू यसप्रकार रहेका छन्:

१. यो अफर योजना असार १, २०८०, बिहानको १२ बजे देखि सुरु भएर भदौ ३१, २०८० रातिको ११:५९ बजे सम्म मान्य हुनेछ।

२. यो अफर विदेशबाट पठाइएको रेमिट्यान्स नेपालमा पाउँदा सिधै इसेवा वालेटमा पाउनेहरूका लागि मात्र मान्य हुनेछ।

३. यस अफर अवधिमा, रेमिट्यान्स पाउने इसेवा प्रयोगकर्ताले अधिकतम महिनामा दुई पटक सम्म मात्र बोनस पाउन सक्नेछन्।

५. इसेवा वालेटमा रेमिट्यान्सको रकम आएको २४-४८ घण्टा भित्र इसेवा प्रयोगकर्ताको वालेटमा स्वत: बोनस आउनेछ।

६. बोनस पाउनका लागि रेमिट्यान्स मार्फत न्यूनतम रु १०,००० रकमको कारोबार भएको हुनुपर्नेछ।

७. योजनाको सर्तहरू अनुसार नरहेका कुनै पनि प्रयोगकर्ता वा कारोबारलाई बोनसका लागि अयोग्य ठहराउने अधिकार इसेवा मनी ट्रान्सफर तथा इसेवामा निहित रहनेछ।

Partners for the Campaign

The money sent via these partners from abroad shall be deemed eligible to win Bonus for this Campaign. (बोनस पाउनका लागि विदेशबाट यी पार्टनरबाट मात्रै पठाएको रकम मान्य हुनेछ:) 

1. Al Fardan Exchange

2. Emirates Exchange

3.Lulu Exchange


5. Instant Cash

6. Sia Shree/Payru

7. Small World

8. WireBarley

9. Thunes

10. Al Muzaini

11. BFC

12. Al Ansari Kuwait

13. EzRemit

14. Smith and Smith

This is an exciting opportunity for our users to earn bonuses on the remittances they receive from their loved ones in Nepal. We invite all our users to make the most of this offer. For any queries, please contact our customer support. Wishing you a happy remitting! Let us all join hands to make our country Digital #MeroDeshDigital.

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