5 ways to spend your lock down days.

5 ways to spend your lock down days.

Coronavirus has resulted in lock down in several countries, and almost half of the world’s population are spending their time inside the home. Spending all of the time confined inside our homes is bound to get boring if we are not engaged in something. So, today, we have a few activities to keep you occupied during your lockdown days:


Connect with friends virtually during lock down

Spending these lockdown days without meeting your friends, hanging out together is hard. But, we can still connect to them via video calls. Schedule a happy hour or organize virtual parties with friends whether it be using Messenger’s group call, Zoom, Skype or any other apps. Organize virtual game tournaments be it carom, PUBG or ludo, and keep having fun.

Read, cook, paint, explore!

Most of us have a very busy lifestyle and cannot give time to anything except for work, and schools. But, these days, we are spending all of our time at home. So, we can utilize this time to explore our interests and learn new things like maybe try our hands at painting or learn to cook a new recipe. As there are so many free online trainings happening all over the Internet, we can even take this pandemic as an opportunity to come out with a new skill.

Stay Active

Staying inside our house all day means we don’t walk or engage ourselves in much physical activity. So, in order to stay fit, it is a good idea to schedule time every day for some exercise.

Play board, card games

What better way to spend some quality time with your family than playing board games like monopoly, or ludo? Unleash your competitive side and make the games more fun with bets like loser cooks the dinner for the night, or does all the dishes.

Binge-watch series and attend virtual concerts

Always wanted to watch Stranger Things, but never had the time? Well, now is your chance to binge on all of the popular series from recent Money Heist to some older ones like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. As more artists are doing live sessions these days, you can even enjoy some virtual concerts through their Social media pages.

Certainly these times are hard, but, it is essential for us to be patient and stay inside the safety of our home to slow the spread of coronavirus. So, while at home, let’s make the best of our time having fun.

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