Why do users prefer eSewa to their physical wallets?

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Internet provides an appropriate and flexible way to businesses so that the organization can market; distribute their products and collect payments from the consumers online. As technology is advancing day by day, companies are now adopting digital payment methods in their businesses to adapt to the changing digital world providing better service to their customers and increase their sales. Even customers these days are attracted towards digital payments system, in fact, some even prefer online payment options to physical cash.

The reasons for some eSewa customers preferring their smartphones to physical wallet are:

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    Easy and Convenient to use:

Using eSewa instead of physical wallet removes a lot of hassles associated with physical cash. Users don’t have to worry about not carrying enough cash as they can easily load eSewa from their mobile banking app whenever they need it. Also, they don’t have to constantly look for coins, just a tap of on the mobile device or a quick QR code scan is all that’s required to pay for the purchases.

  1. Offers more security:

Carrying large amount of cash brings the risk of theft and one will have zero options to recover it. Since eSewa mobile application can only be opened using user’s password or fingerprint, it offers better safety from cash theft. In case your device is lost, users can log in through web and withdraw all funds in their eSewa account to their bank account and call at our toll-free number and have the account blocked. Users can once again request for unblock if the mobile phone is recovered.

  1. Rewards and cashback benefits:

eSewa wallet offers reward points on various payments. The more payments users make through eSewa, more reward points they collect, which can later be redeemed for various prizes such as Movie tickets, travel tickets, online shopping vouchers, laptops, and etcetera. Paying through eSewa wallet also provides certain discounts or a cash back offers to users in various services.

  1. Range of uses:

eSewa wallet can be used in almost every sector from bill payments for electricity and water, TV payment, School and College fee, Internet bills, credit card payment, Insurance premium and EMI, Movies and entertainment tickets, mobile recharge, Online shopping, food and hospitality, bus or airline tickets and many more. Users can use eSewa for a variety of transactions.

  1. Quick Transfer of Fund:

Visiting bank and transferring money to friends or family is traditional method of transferring fund. With eSewa wallet people can now send and receive money quickly and easily through P2P transfer.

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