Education Welfare Fund for Digital Fee Payments

Welfare Fund

With the rapid development of the digital age, the way we do everyday activities has also transformed. The traditional way of life is being completely replaced by digital methods, which especially include our bill payment methods.

It is easier than ever to pay your bills these days because everything can be done within a few clicks. Following other sectors, educational institutions have also begun collecting their fees directly through digital mediums, making it easier for them to record transactions and organize the system. 

Additionally, we have come up with a more appealing offer for all educational institutions. Fees collected digitally will allow them to collect money for every transaction in their Welfare Fund. The fund can be used for various purposes, including scholarships, sponsorships, event planning, and event execution. This program has been initiated with the motive to increase the familiarity of schools/colleges & students with digital transactions and in turn, help them raise funds for the school.

Each fee transaction that the school receives will contribute to the school’s Welfare Fund. Payments can be done using two methods:

  1. eSewa: If the transaction is done through eSewa then Rs. 1 (per transaction) will be deposited in the Education Welfare Fund wallet of the particular school/college.
  2. QR: If the transaction is done through QR at the school/college counter then Rs. 1 (per transaction) will be deposited in the Education Welfare Fund wallet of the particular school/college.

Benefits of Education Welfare Fund to Schools:

  • Educational institutes can use this fund as a sponsorship.
  • Easy fee collection and systematic record keeping of all the transactions.
  • Institutes can use this fund for scholarships for deserving students.
  • This fund can be used to aid needy students in fee payment.
  • Funding can be used to purchase stationary and educational materials for the student library.
  • It can also be used for important school/college events.
  • More transactions equal more funds.

Benefits of Education Welfare Fund to Students:

  • Familiarity with the digital fee payment system, and digital technology as a whole.
  • Eliminates the need to carry cash which removes the risks of the cash money (fee) being lost.
  • Deserving students can get a scholarship for themselves using the same fund.
  • Acts as financial aid for financially unstable students. 

The payment channels are:

  • Form-Based
  • Epay
  • Convergent
  • SDK
  • Generic Token

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Funds can be easily obtained for educational institutions based on transaction count.
  2. Educational institutes must receive the fees through online platforms (eSewa or QR).
  3. Institutes must receive 100+ transactions per month.
  4. This offer is not a lottery, betting, or gambling under the prevailing laws of Nepal.
  5. eSewa reserves the right to review and, or cancel the offer in case of suspicious activity and events beyond its control.
  6. By participating in this offer, participants agree and provide consent to eSewa to use their name and photograph for the purposes of promotional events, advertising, marketing, and any administrative matters.

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16 thoughts on “Education Welfare Fund for Digital Fee Payments

    1. Hello Ma’am,
      Please follow these steps to participate:
      1. Login to eSewa and visit the “Popular Services” section on eSewa’s homepage.
      2. Click on the “Rs. 50 maa iPhone 13” offer.
      3. Here, insert the mobile number to top up, select the offer and click on Proceed.
      4. Now, confirm the details and click on Confirm to complete the participation process.
      Thank you!

    1. Hello Sir,
      All the educational institutes of Nepal are eligible for this offer. So, if you own a school/college, collect student fees online via eSewa or QR scan and collect Rs. 1 per payment.
      Thank you!

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