TV payments using eSewa

From watching black and white Television to Color and HD Television, we all grew up. Whether it’s watching cartoons, or web series and national/international news, our purpose of watching maybe different, but TV still remains one of the essential object in every home.

We have had TV channels for a long time, but recently, to provide a better TV experience to citizens, government initiated digital cable TV all over the nation. Now, majority of the cable operators have switched to providing digital cable services. This connection has provided customers with a clear connection and high definition channels. To satisfy customer’s needs, various cable operators have partnered with eSewa as a payment partner to make cable TV service payments easier.

The list of cable operators that are associated with eSewa are:

  • Agni Cable Network

  • Bhairabi Cable Network

  • Birat Cable

  • BK Cable Network

  • Broad Band Nepal

  • Clear TV

  • Dharan Space Time

  • Dish Home

  • Janakpur Digital TV

  • MAX TV

  • Mero TV


  • Nijgadh Cable Net

  • Paiyunkali Cable Network

  • Pashupati Cable Network

  • Prabhu TV

  • Rajbiraj Space Time

  • Saugat Cable Network Pvt. Ltd.

  • Siddhi Vinayak network

  • SIM TV

  • Sky TV

  • STS Cable Network

  • Trishuli Cable TV

  • Waling Cable TV

  • WorldLink NETTV

Planning on making TV payments from eSewa, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open your eSewa mobile application/ web application.

  • Step 2: Search for your Cable TV operator (Eg. Dish home)

  • Step 3: Enter your Customer ID and tap Check.

  • Step 4: Select your package details and click Proceed.

  • Step 5: Click confirm and complete your transaction.

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