Tribhuvan Army Club wins Jhapa Goldcup, 2019

Jhapa GoldCup 2019 final Tribhuwan Army vs Jhapa XI

Jhapa GoldCup, annual football tournament, hosted by the Jhapa goldcup is a 10 days event, where domestic football clubs, including A division, compete for a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh. Unlike previous seasons, Jhapa GoldCup, 2019 saw the collaboration between eSewa and Jhapa Goldcup where eSewa was appointed to manage the ticket sales, both online and offline.

Domalal stadium housed the audience more than its capacity in the final, which was played between Tribhuvan Army Club and home team, Jhapa XI. Tribhuvan Army Club defended the title for the third time and bagged the cash prize of Rs 10 Lakh. It was again sad moment for home team, Jhapa XI, which has yet to clinch the title despite reaching the final in all the editions.

The problem of ticket duplications, which was rampant in previous seasons, was totally eliminated for eSewa had implemented scan system for ticket verification.

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