10 easy payments with eSewa

Top 10 payments with eSewa

As Nepal’s first online payment gateway, we, eSewa have been providing various online payment services to our customers. From simple mobile top-up and electricity payment to cashless payment at different retailers like Dalle, Miniso, and etcetera, we plan to reach everywhere for a digital Nepal.

Among our many online payment services, today we list a few of our popular categories:

  1. Electricity Bill Payment

Electricity payment is one of the most routine tasks for every household. Yet, the long queue at payment counter made it one of the most tedious household chores. Nobody likes waiting around in line for hours, plus it’s an absolute waste of time. Using eSewa, our customers avoid these hassles making payment instantly from their home itself.

  1. Mobile Recharge

Gone are the days of scratching the recharge cards, today, one just opens eSewa app and top up mobile phones easily. In addition to convenience, using eSewa for top up also reduces the use of recharge card, ultimately saving paper.

  1. Internet bill payment

If there is one sure thing people of today’s generation are afraid of, it’s losing Internet connection. Greatest frustration results when streaming Youtube or surfing through Facebook after a long day and suddenly the Internet connection gets lost.

With eSewa, users don’t have to suffer this frustration anymore, whether its daytime or middle of the night, Internet bills can be paid with a few taps on one’s mobile phone.

  1. TV payment

From cartoons to Indian TV serials to News & Sports, we all grew up. TV is an essential part of our people’s everyday life, morning breakfast seems empty without the newsperson where as family gathering in evenings is incomplete without once fighting for a remote. Making time in between office hours to go and pay TV bill is definitely not desirable. Using eSewa, one can pay TV bill conveniently from anywhere, anytime.

  1. Khanepani payment

Khanepani bill is essentially one of the most necessary payments of each household. Since every household needs water, it is no wonder that the office is always packed with people waiting in long queues to make payment. It takes hours to make payments through the physical counter. Instead, our users can make online Khanepani bill payment instantly, saving time as well as cost for travelling to respective Khanepani counters.

  1. Air Tickets

Nothing ruins travel plans like going to the ticket counter, then finding out tickets are unavailable. Now, with eSewa buy national as well as international air tickests. There’s more, enjoy cashback offers on every domestic ticketing. Start planning your next trip without worrying about tickets.

  1. School fee payment

Gone are the days of visiting school counters every month to pay a few thousand rupees. With more people entering the digital world each day, online school fee payment has become one of the most favored services of parents. Pay school fees instantly anytime, anywhere and secure your child’s education.

  1. Movie tickets

Reserve seats, then reach one hour early to get the tickets and think about how to spend the next hour. This is the most boring part of going to movies, don’t you agree?

But, after the introduction of online ticket booking system, people no longer have to bear the trouble of reaching early and can instead utilize their time better.

  1. Food bill payment

We Nepalese love food; in fact, food is at the heart of our every hang-out. Crispy chicken, toppings filled pizza or maybe something authentic like Thakali and Newari set, our celebrations are incomplete without food. More often than not, one of the tiring part of eating out is having to look for an ATM booth nearby to withdraw money.

eSewa has successfully removed this hassle for our customers by introducing Scan and Pay. No more wandering around looking for an ATM on a hungry stomach. Now you can just go, eat your food and make digital payment for your food with our app.

  1. Online Shopping

Online shopping is gaining popularity in Nepal in recent days. Even though increasing number of business houses seem to be joining the digital world, cash on delivery seem to be the dominant method for transaction. We are keen to change this trend and have partnered up with different retailers like eSewapasal, sastodeal, oliz store, mero shopping, red doko and many more. This solves security concerns for our customers as they no longer have to worry about payments getting lost on the way.

With so many payment options, are you ready to join eSewa family? Download the app today.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today: bit.ly/eSewa_App

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      For transferring money to eSewa account for the first time, you can tap on “Load Fund” located at the bottom of your screen and load from your related mobile banking/ internet banking. In case mobile banking/ internet banking is not applicable, plese visit our partner banks with counter deposit services.

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