4 Tips for maintaining productivity during Work from home

tips to boost your productivity while you work from home

The Coronavirus has led to many companies worldwide adopting work from home. But, can we maintain the same amount of productivity as we would have if we had been working at the office? Well, at least we can try and give our best to stay productive. So, try these few tips to boost your productivity while you work from home:


Create a dedicated work space

Having a dedicated work space is one of the best way to maintain productivity. It helps you re-create an office like environment and also helps you to stay focused. Instead of curling yourself up in a couch like we tend to do for relaxing, dedicate a specific area in your home (possibly with a chair) where you can sit straight and work.

Plan like you are actually at the office

Remember how you used to jot down all of your daily tasks before you started your work at office every day? Maintain that habit while working from home as well. Plan what tasks you will complete and by what time of the day.

Lack of a proper schedule can make you lose focus quickly, so plan ahead on the tasks you will be completing for the day. You can even use Google Tasks or other tools for easier planning.

Define work hours and stick to it

When we had to go to office physically, our co-workers getting ready to leave signalled the end of office-time. Since that doesn’t happen in work from home, it’s easier to lose track of time. So, remember to set an alarm for when you are supposed to get off work. You need to maintain work-life balance even when you work from home, otherwise you will be drained in a couple of days and your productivity will fall significantly.

Take breaks in-between work like you used to do at office so that you give your mind some time to relax. But, at the same time remember not to take too much of breaks as it leaves your work incomplete at the end of the day. So, define your work hours, break times and ending hours to maintain your producivity in the long-run.

Collaborate with the help of technology

Working from home may help you focus on your tasks better, but at the same time, working from home means you don’t know what other teams are doing. You might feel clueless about bigger projects happening in the company. In order to avoid this, keep constant communication with the help of technology. Use instant messaging apps to get updates from your co-workers as well as to keep them updated about your works. Collaborate through video conferencing apps to maintain the human aspect of your work.

Thanks to technology, many of us are able to keep our businesses running even during this time of crisis. But, if there is no productivity, then Work From Home isn’t fruitful. So, implement few of these tips to stay productive while you are working from home.

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