Taximandu: Your new taxi hailing app!

Book your taxi ride online and pay with eSewa

Imagine searching for a taxi at a taxi stand, then when you find one, again bargaining about the fare with the taxi driver for another 5 minutes. Even after you decide on the price, you know you are still going to be paying higher than the meter charge.
Now, imagine getting ready to go somewhere. When you are almost done, you take out your mobile and send a ride request. You don’t even have to bargain over the price because the charge will be shown pre-booking. By the time you are ready, your taxi is already waiting outside your home for pick up. Which one of these options will you pick given the choice? The option is obvious right, you would choose online.
Looking at the various benefits of online ride-hailing in mind, Taximandu a new online taxi booking app is here. Forget the hassles of walking around searching cabs and bargaining for the price, just open Taximandu and book rides easily. You even have the option to pay the price online using eSewa. To load your wallet in Taximandu, follow these steps once you download the application:
Step 1: Tap on Register.
Step 2: Fill in your Name, Password, Mobile number, tick on “I agree” and tap “Submit”.
Step 3: Enter the OTP code you have received in your message inbox.
Step 4: Tap on the Menu icon located at top left corner of the screen.
Step 5: Tap on “My wallet”.
Step 6: Enter amount in the “Recharge Amount” section and tap on “Add money”.
Step 7: Log in to your eSewa with your eSewa ID and MPIN/ Password.
Step 8: Enter the OTP you have received from eSewa in your message inbox.
Your Taximandu wallet is successfully loaded. Now you can book taxis entering your desired destinations and paying via eSewa.

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