Taking Care of Senior Citizens During COVID-19

Taking Care of Senior Citizens During COVID-19

All of us are at risk of transmitting coronavirus, but senior citizens are more vulnerable because of the physiological changes caused from aging, as well as other medical conditions. With news of the virus taking shape of a global pandemic and affecting almost 3 million people worldwide, senior citizens are more likely to be experiencing fear for their families, and friends. Thus, it is important to take care of them, and we have some tips for you for the same:


1. Stay connected through technology

Technology is enabling us to work from home, stay in touch with friends; so, why not utilize the same to stay in touch with our grandparents? The senior citizens are increasingly joining Facebook, so we can make use of it by video calling them through messenger and asking them about their health and wellbeing.

2. Help them for daily purchases

Senior citizens must avoid getting out as much as possible. For this, help them by buying them daily groceries and medications so that they don’t have to go outside by themselves. Take this time to teach them about online shopping and online payments so that they can be self-dependent.

3. Keep them updated about COVID-19 precautions

News travel fast in social media, but at the same time, authenticity and reliability of the news needs to be monitored. There are chances that senior citizens will get misinformation, thus, we need to keep them updated with facts related to coronavirus precautions. On the other hand, we should avoid talking about the number of deaths, countries affected and other negative news as these could increase the fear.

4. Lend them a listening ear

The need for communication is our innate human nature. News of coronavirus’s spread is bound to make the senior citizens anxious, and it will only increase if they have no one to talk to. So, let them know that you are there, and ready to listen. Also, ask them stories about their youth to take their minds off of the pandemic.

Besides these, remind them to follow hygienic practices like washing hands with soap for more than 20 seconds or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

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