South Asian Games Volleyball tournament starting today!

13th South Asian Games 2019 Volleyball ticketing partner

Did you know volleyball game is supposed to combine basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball all into one game? When it was first introduced by William G. Morgan in 1895, the game was called “mintonette” and it didn’t even have its own ball. The ball we currently see as “volleyball” wasn’t designed until 1900.

Volleyball made its debut in South Asian Games in 1987 and has been on-going ever since. India’s volleyball team is currently the reigning champion. India’s volleyball team were able to win gold medals on South Asian Games 2016 (both male and female). Sri Lanka and Pakistan are other strong men’s teams while Nepal’s women’s team is showing significant progress. With every country targeting the gold medal, it seems that Volleyball matches at SAG 2019 are going to be quiet intense. Are you getting interested to see the match? South Asian Games is happening this time right here in Nepal.

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