Amazing Scholarship Opportunity (up to 100%)!

SEE Scholarship

We, as someone who has just given SEE exams, are full of enthusiasm, energy, and dreams about the future. Many of you might be dreaming of becoming a doctor, engineer, nurse, manager, or any other career you desire. And, in order to accomplish this dream, you need to search for the best education providing college. Getting a scholarship would be the cherry on top for you to achieve your dreams, wouldn’t it? So, in order to assist you on the path of your ambitions we are here with an amazing campaign.

We are here with an exciting offer for those of you who are looking forward to the results of your Secondary Education Examination (SEE). We have partnered with the best +2 colleges from different cities of Nepal in a campaign. With this campaign SEE appeared students can receive up to 100% scholarships by participating. And, 1000+ lucky students will be rewarded with different scholarships. 

Students from all over Nepal who are waiting for their SEE results and are looking for educational institutions for further studies are eligible for the scholarship, so be sure to participate and grab it. 


Scholarship Opportunities at various Colleges:

  • Aadim National College: For 100 students
    First 20= 100%
    Second 20= 80%
    Third 20 = 65 %
    Forth 20 = 50%
    Fifth 20 = 45 %
  • B N Moonlight Secondary Boarding School: 25% in Admission
  • Bridgewater International College, Kathmandu: 70% Scholarship for first 100 students, full scholarship to entrance topper and A+ in SEE exam (class 11 and 12)
  • Bhanubhakta Memorial College: Additional 5% scholarship on their provided scholarship scheme
  • Cambridge Public H.S (+2), Old Baneshwor: 50% off on class 11 and 12 annual fee (30 students)
  • Chelsea International Academy: Scholarship for 50 students,  Rs. 80,000 off for first 25 students and Rs. 65,000 off for other 25 students
  • College Of Business Management: Scholarship according to entrance exam grade, 100% off on monthly fee for A entrance grade, 80% off for B entrance grade, 60% off for C entrance grade, and 10% off on Admission for all
  • Gorkha Model Secondary School Pvt. Ltd. : 100% off on monthly and admission fee for Grade A+, 50% off for Grade A , 20% off for Grade B+ on admission and 25% on monthly fee, 15% off for Grade B
  • KIST College, Kamalpokhari: 50% off on admission fee for 50 students
  • Lalitpur Nist: For all students, 75% off for Grade A+, 60% off for Grade A
  • Liverpool College: Admission 100% ( 2 Management and 2 Science)
  • Lord Buddha Secondary School, Biratnagar: 50% for all
  • Mega Secondary School / College: Overall Rs. 50,000 for science, Rs. 45,000 for other faculty
  • Moonlight Secondary Boarding: 25% off for all
  • New Horizon: 100% Scholarship for deserving students
  • Omega International H.S School and College: 100% off in admission& deposit, 60% off on monthly fee for Science and Management (100 students)
  • Paramount Boarding High School Pvt. Ltd, Rupandehi: 25% off for all
  • Premier College: 50% off on overall fee
  • Riviera International Academy: 50% off on class 11&12 fee (50 students)
  • St. Joseph Secondary School, Biratnagar: 50% for all
  • Sunlight Modern English Boarding School Pvt. Ltd: 100% in admission and monthly fee for A+ Grade, 50% in admission and monthly fee for A Grade, 20%in admission and 25% monthly fee for B+ Grade, 15% in admission fee monthly fee for B Grade.
  • Swarnim Sagarmatha College: 20% Discount in Admission fee
  • Texas Int’l College: 50% off on class 11 fee (100 students)
  • The Times International College: 100% off on Admission fee and SEE Grade basis Scholarship on tuition fees (60% off for A+ Grade,  55% off for A Grade, 50% off for B+ Grade,  45% off for B Grade students) Total 100 students
  • Tops English Boarding School: 20% off on admission fee, 80-100% Scholarship for A+, 50-80% Scholarship for sports students, 50-100% Scholarship for well performers on entrance exams
  • Triton International College, Kathmandu: 50% off on admission and 11 class annual fee, 25% off on class 11& 12 fee
  • V.S. Niketan College: 25-100% Scholarship to deserving Science and Management (grade 11) students
  • Xavier International College: 50% off for A+, 45% off for A, B+ off for B+, 35% off for B (for total 20 students)

How to participate in the Scholarship Campaign?

  1. Open eSewa App
  2. In the Scholarship Offer section, choose the college you want to apply to
  3. Fill the student’s details
  4. Select the faculty you want to apply to
  5. Complete participation by paying Rs. 10

We will be refunding the Rs. 10 amount instantly as cashback.

The scholarship is only for limited students, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Winners shall provide the original copy of SEE certificate for claiming the prize.
  • SEE graduates participating in the offer must appear for the entrance exam at the specified colleges.
  • eSewa reserves the right to review and/or cancel the terms and conditions of the campaign in case of suspicious activity and events beyond its control without prior information to any party.
  • eSewa reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any user or order that does not meet the criteria for the offer product or service to any user or geographic area it deems fit.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today:

We update the ongoing offers on our social media platforms. Stay Tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber Community for further updates.

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  2. Form vare paxi ko ko lai schlorship milyo vanerw ksri herne Ani kaile aauxa newz.

    1. Hello Sir,
      We have listed various eligibility criteria for different colleges in the blog itself. Please go through the eligibility criteria for the college you want to apply to. And, the students who meet all those criteria will be selected as winners. The winner announcement will be done once the respective colleges start taking admissions.
      Thank you!

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