School/College fee Payment on your palm

School,college fee payemnt on your palm

Education has always been one of the top priorities in our life and to pursue it, fee payment is a ceaseless process in this sector. However, there are busy days with hectic schedules and even lazy days when all you want to do is relax on the couch. What if there would be a service that says “goodbye!” to wasting time while waiting in queues?

Fortunately, fee payment via eSewa has allowed for a hassle-free procedure with easy and reliable service. School/College fee payment is now just a few clicks away. The values provided by this system are:

  1. Convenient Payment with Productivity

The entire payment process can be completed in mere seconds by searching the respective institution, filling the form and the fee will be paid instantly. The tedious task of waiting for your turn in banks or even school/college counter is no longer required. That precious time of yours can be invested in other tasks, which adds up productivity in your daily life.

  1. Security Guaranteed

The eSewa account statement is digitalized and guarantees every transaction security with the record of details from payers to payees. You do not have to worry in case of payment errors because revert option is also provided. Moreover, the 24/7 customer service always got your back!

  1. Endless Benefits

Apart from the convenience offered by the fee payment system, there are additional benefits that can be enjoyed by all members. From mobile recharge to air tickets, its right at your palm.

The digitalized fee payment system provided by eSewa is not just about the welfare to an individual. Furthermore, it is a step of unity towards crafting a cashless economy.

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