Saturday FUN Fiesta at Sunrise Apartments

Saturday sun fiesta banner

Every once in a while, we should take a break from our busy schedules and participate in some recreational activities to refresh our minds. With this thought, eSewa  decided to organize “Saturday Fun Fiesta” at Sunrise Apartments, Nakkhu on 24th August, 2019. All the preparations were carried out pre-hand and on the day of the event, a team from eSewa geared up and reached Sunrise apartments.


After setting up all the stalls and banners, the event officially started at around 4 p.m. Different game stalls were set-up for the residents to enjoy including Ping Ball, Dart and Bingo. Additionally, Mehendi stalls and Face Painting stalls were also set up. The residents, especially younger ones enjoyed game stalls the most, while others took pleasure with Mehendi, Face painting and playing Bingo. Tickets for the game stalls and other activities were paid for using eSewa Scan to Pay. This way, on one side, residents of Sunrise Apartments were able to enjoy their weekend while at the same time, eSewa was able to make them aware about online payments, ways to transfer funds to eSewa, and how they can make online payments using Scan to Pay.










Moreover, the residents enjoyed Bingo and a game of Musical Chair. The program ended by providing the winners of these games with various gift vouchers from Whopeeland, Active Sports, Hot Breads, Kathmandu Fun Valley, and Black water. The residents were also provided with souvenirs from eSewa.

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