QR payments making entrance in health sector

QR payments in health sector

QR codes have been in use in the health sector for a while. Medical practitioners are using QR code to grow brand awareness and promote their services by attaching QR codes to their brochure, leaflets, etc. distributed at the hospitals/ clinics. Also, QR codes have been aiding healthcare providers in keeping patient records, delivering health related information, sharing FAQs about patient’s disease, etc. QR codes have also gained popularity as online payment mechanisms.

Recently, in Nepal, QR payments are being implemented in every sector. Scan to Pay services are being adopted by everyone from vegetable vendors and local eateries to airlines and hotels. As such, health sector of Nepal has found an additional use of QR codes i.e. accepting payments. Enabling QR code payments at hospitals and medical clinics reduces the need for customers to carry bulk cash as well as saves them from frequent trips to ATM points. As for hospitals and clinics, implementing Scan to Pay provides the benefit of easy, accurate and a faster mode of payment collection as one doesn’t have to deal with time consuming process of counting cash, looking for return change, etc.

Several hospitals and clinics have already adopted QR payment collection and are even providing discount and cashback offers. To know more about Scan to Pay and locations where you can enjoy discount and cahsback offers, keep following us on our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages.

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