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Pay your credit card bills with eSewa now

A credit card is a thin rectangular plastic card issued by various financial institutions which allows the cardholder to borrow funds and make payments for various goods and services. Cardholders can loan funds with a condition that after a certain time period, they repay the borrowed money with interest plus any other previously agreed upon charges. Credit card payments have been a popular mode of payments worldwide. In Nepal as well, the number of people using credit card is gradually increasing. As of Mid-July 2019, 112,756 bank and financial institution account holders use credit cards. 

As mentioned earlier, at the end of a period, credit cardholders are expected to pay back the borrowed funds along with interest and certain charges. For making the credit card bill payment procedure easier, different institutions have integrated eSewa as their payment partners like Bank of Kathmandu, Century Commercial Bank, Everest Bank Limited, Global IME Bank, Kumari Bank, Laxmi Bank, Nabil Bank, and etc. 

In order to make credit card bill payment through eSewa, follow the follwing steps:

  1. Log-in to your eSewa account and click on “Credit Card Payment”.
  2. List of Credit Cards will be shown for which you can make payments using eSewa. 
  3. Click on your desired Credit Card.
  4. Select Card Type.
  5. Enter your Card number, Name on card, Amount and click “Proceed”.
  6. Check the details and Confirm transaction.
  7. Credit Card Bill payment successful.

Ready to pay your credit card bills with eSewa? Click here.


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      We don’t issue eSewa’s credit card, but we do have payment facilities for credit cards of various banks.
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