Myths people have about eSewa

Myths people have about eSewa

Myths in simplest words refer to the false beliefs or ideas about something. People seem to have developed certain myths and misconceptions about eSewa. In this blog, we have disclosed some of the myths associated with eSewa and have aimed at clearing these misconceptions so that our users know what eSewa actually is. The myths are discussed below:

  1. eSewa’s service only includes mobile recharge:

This is one of the most heard myths of eSewa. Before downloading eSewa, people often think of it as an online mobile recharge service. These people tend to be unaware about the services provided by eSewa except for mobile recharge before downloading it. However, it is a myth, as mobile recharge service is only one of the parts of our services. We have a variety of other services available like utility payments, movie tickets, bus and airline ticket payment and many more.

  1. You need to register to eSewa’s account by going to different eSewa’s branches:

Most people have this misconception that they have to fill up a paper-based form by visiting any one of eSewa’s branches for registering in eSewa. However, one can easily open or register eSewa account by either downloading the app or through website by entering their mobile number. They do not have to go to any of the eSewa’s branches, and can enter their details from the mobile or website itself for account opening.

  1. eSewa charges for registering an account:

One of the other belief is that eSewa charges registration fee for opening an eSewa account. This is also false as anyone can register to eSewa for absolutely free of cost. You can register and have an account by entering your mobile number from the eSewa app or eSewa website. Also, eSewa users do not have to pay timely usage fee, meaning we don’t have monthly, yearly or any periodical charges.

  1. eSewa’s account must be associated with bank’s account:

Another major myth of eSewa is that one needs to associate their eSewa account with a bank account. There is no need for you to link your bank account with eSewa. eSewa is simply a digital wallet where you can load fund by going to eSewa’s cash points or also by transferring from your mobile/ internet banking if you have any. You can also use counter deposit services by visiting any one of our counter deposit partner banks.

  1. Once one loads money to eSewa they have to use it:

This is one of the most asked queries about eSewa. People believe that once we load funds in eSewa, it cannot be withdrawn and have to be spent through eSewa. This is not true at all. One can use eSewa’s bank transfer feature to easily withdraw desired amount from their eSewa wallet to a bank account at minimal charges. One can also go to eSewa’s cash points and can easily withdraw the amount from eSewa account at minimal charges.

These are some of the most common myths that we hear about eSewa. What other myths do you guys know, comment below and we will try to debunk them too.

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