Simplifying the journey of Startups with FREE Merchant Integration!

Merchant Integration

From ordering groceries to becoming accustomed to online shopping for all our needs. Each one of us started out hesitant about choosing to shop online but gradually became comfortable with it. The journey has been long, but truly an amazing one. And today, it’s incredible to see how online shopping has become a go-to option for all our needs. 

Businesses have therefore gained several opportunities as a result of this change. Especially for startup companies and small businesses. A great deal of opportunity exists. Furthermore, we have an even greater opportunity here. No matter how big or small your business is, you can now integrate eSewa for free into your website. That sounds incredible, doesn’t it? You can integrate your website with the most reputable and dependable service provider in the country, and that too completely FREE of charge. This is really the opportunity that every start-up eagerly seeks! So, what are you waiting for? Grab this offer while it lasts (until Ashoj, 2079). Get all the benefits of eSewa by integrating it with your website/app. The benefits of integrating eSewa into your website are not just limited to FREE integration. It has other numerous benefits as well.

The additional benefits include:

  • Promotion through our various and advanced marketing channels
  • Easy reach to a broader audience 
  • Brand awareness boosting 
  • Quick merchant integration
  • Streamlining the payment collection process
  • Assistance 24 hours a day

What motivated us to take this step?

“Start-ups play a crucial role in the overall economic growth of a country. They are the FUTURE! Therefore, it is our responsibility to guide them in the beginning phase. So, to facilitate them and help streamline their payment collection we have launched the “Sathi Pani Saajhedaar Pani” campaign. During this campaign (until Ashoj), we have waived integration fees. Become an eSewa Merchant for FREE and take advantage of all the benefits including promotions through our various channels.”

~ Ashish Prasai

Head of Business Development

eSewa Pvt. Ltd.

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