Meals you can make easily while at home!

Meals you can make easily while at home!

Staying at home for an extended period of time has us all looking for ways to occupy ourselves. From binge-watching a popular series like Money Heist and Ramayan, exploring our forgotten hobbies, to surfing the Internet learning new skills, we are constantly indulged in new activities. Are you trying your hands at cooking while at home? If yes, today, we have 5 easy recipes you can try to make your tastebuds dance during quarantine:



With plenty of time at hands, why not try your hands at doughnuts? For a local Nepalese style Doughnut, mix sugar, yeasts and ghee and leave the mixture for around 10 minutes. Then, add flour and a pinch of salt and knead it all together and again let it sit for around an hour. Now, cut these in the circular shapes of a doughnut and fry with oil in a pan.


Next we have everyone’s favorite dessert Rasbari. For Rasbari, firstly, boil milk in a pot. Once it reaches the boiling point, add lemon juice and stir gently until curd starts to form. Separate the curd from whey and wash the whey with cold water. Now, pour the whey in a cloth and strain the excess water. After a few minutes, add cardamom to the whey and knead the mixture to make a smooth dough. Seperate the dough into small balls with sizes around that of a tennis ball. In a sauce pan, boil a cup of water with sugar. Once the water starts simmering, add the dough balls into the boiling water boil it until the balls are puffed up. Add rose essence for taste.

Spicy Nepali chips

Even though there are variety of potato chips, nothing beats the taste of mouth watering spicy nepali chips. To make these crispy delights, firstly, peel some potatoes and cut it into thin circular slices. Wash the potatoes thoroughly and spread them out in a clean cloth to dry. Once they are dry, heat some oil in a cooking pan and fry until they are crisp and golden brown. Finally, talk them out and sprinkle the chips with salt, chaat masala and red chilly powder to taste.


Traditionally a newari snack, baara has become a popular lunch meal among Nepalese. You can make this dish with ingredients which are readily available in the kitchen at all times like black lentils, cumin powder, turmeric powder, ginger paste, salt, hing and oil. Start by soaking black lentils in cold water overnight. Next day, wash the lentils, remove black skins. Then, pour the lentils along with other spices and a little water into the grinder and make a paste out of it. Heat oil in a frying pan and pour a portion of the paste, then spread it out in circle using a spatula, try using your fingers if you are a dare devil! Let it cook for a while and then turn it over. Cover it with the lid until it’s golden brown. You can even add eggs or ground meat while mixing the ingredients in the grinder for a non-veg baara.

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