Load via ICFC Finance Ltd.

We, eSewa family, being pioneer in online payment gateway, are happy to have ICFC Finance Ltd. as our fund load partner. Various banks and financial institutions when are in the verse of being our fund load partner, we are happy to have ICFC Finance Ltd. with us. Established on 2004, ICFC has been catering the needs of small and medium enterprises. Now, via ICFC internet banking, users can easily load eSewa and make the payments instantly.

To get to the homepage of ICFC click here

  1. Login to ICFC Finance Ltd. e-banking with the customer code and password provided by the bank (later changed) as in the image below:
ICFC Finance Internet Banking Login Portal
ICFC Finance Ltd. e-banking login Page
  1. You will be re-directed to the homepage of the ICFC Finance Ltd.
ICFC Finance Ltd. E-banking showing user information
  1. On the left hand side of the homepage, click on Act Now then on Utility payment. On the page of utility payment and in dropdown of the utility payment, there’s “Load eSewa”.
ICFC Finance Ltd. E-banking selecting eSewa
  1. Click on Load eSewa, insert the amount, your eSewa ID (the registered mobile number in eSewa). Then, click on submit.
ICFC Finance Ltd. E-banking showing eSewa funding process
  1. Confirm the password and click on submit, the transaction shall be completed.
ICFC Finance Ltd. E-banking confirming users funding process
  1. The transaction completed shall be notified in the dialogue box. Click on OK as shown in the image below:
ICFC Finance Ltd. E-banking showing Final confirmation through dialog box

Now, check your eSewa wallet. In a minute or less, your eSewa ID shall be loaded. Thereafter, you can make transactions via eSewa.

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