Load fund from Global IME Bank Ltd. Mobile Banking

eSewa load from mobile banking

Step 1: Log In to your mobile banking account (mobile number and password)

Global IME Bank Mobile Banking


Step 2: Click on the payment icon

Global IME Bank Transaction history


Step 3: Tap on Load eSewa

Load eSewa from Global IME Mobile Banking

Step 4: Enter the amount, eSewa ID, purpose and account number and Tap submit

Enter your eSewa id and amount to load amount in eSewa

Step 5: Tap on “confirm” after reviewing the details and complete the transaction.

Check your eSewa id and and press confirm your eSewa id.

eSewa load through Global Smart in offline settings:


Step 1: Log In to your account (mobile number and password)

Global IME Mobile banking Offline Mode

Step 2: Click on the Payment icon

Click on payment

Step 3: Tap on Load eSewa

Click on load eSewa to load from Global IME mobile banking offline mode

Step 4: Enter the amount and eSewa ID

Enter your amount and eSewa id to load amount in your eSewa id.

Step 5: Review your details and tap “Confirm”

Confirm your eSewa id and proceed

Step 6: Enter your transaction pin and the offline load is completed.

Enter you Transaction PIN to confirm your transaction.

If you are an account holder at Global IME Bank and do not have mobile banking yet, install their app at GlobalSmart.


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