Load eSewa from Cash Points

Load eSewa wallet from eSewa cash point

A regular person in every three days needs to recharge his/her SIM, every month he/she is due to pay internet bills, electricity, water, DTH, landline bills, needs to travel either via bus or airplane; while traveling, needs a place to reside in hotels, pay bills in the restaurant. To make all the regular payments simpler and instant from one single place, an idea was born. The idea was to connect all the regular services in one place and provide customers the platform to reach the services. That one platform was named eSewa and officially established in 2009. eSewa entered the market as one-stop-solution payment gateway and since then has been recognized as the first online payment gateway licensed as Payment Service Provider (PSP) by the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). eSewa is a mobile wallet which allows an individual to make various payments, which not just ease the daily life but also saves time and money with concentrated less effort. With one app at hand, eSewa user can make various payments such as mobile top up, ISP, electricity bill payment, bank transfer, and many more.

With the growing network of services, customers, agents and banks; few drawbacks came along and one was loading fund in eSewa wallet. Out of various services provided by eSewa, firstly, eSewa had to make load in eSewa easy. With a lot of effort, a new idea was generated and implemented in market as Cash IN. Cash IN was introduced in order to mitigate the fund load difficulty in eSewa. Cash IN, as the name suggests is the hassle-free fund load process. It’s the incoming of digital money in exchange to the physical cash. Cash IN, to understand, is simply, eSewa to eSewa transfer. Utilizing the broad agent network (50,000+), Cash IN service has been made available in every region. Cash IN role has been provided to few authorized agents only and are named as Cash Points.

Via Cash Points, an eSewa user can load up to Rs. 10,000 per month for free, meaning, the customer need not pay extra charges to the agents. Finding eSewa Cash Points is as well an easy process as the application itself has the map of the specified Cash Points or the customer can make a call to our toll-free number (1660-01-02121) to get the details of the Cash Points nearby.


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