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What is a virus?

Viruses are typically codes capable of duplication and causes harm such as corrupting the system or destroying data.There are different types of viruses:

Worm is an independent software program that duplicates itself and spreads to other computers through network depending on the network security.
Trojan Horse is a type of malware that often looks like a legal software through which the hackers access the user’s systems.
Adware is the type of virus which downloads various applications in a user’s system without the user’s knowledge.

Viruses infect the system and results in slow performance, data loss and system crashes. 

What is antivirus and why do we need it?

For protection against viruses, anti-viruses are used. Antivirus software are programs that are designed to prevent, search, detect and remove software viruses and other malicious software like worms, trojan horse, adware, and etc.

Viruses are programmed to cause damage to user’s devices, prevent a user from accessing data, or to take control of user’s computer. So, to protect the system, antivirus was developed. Antivirus software scans specific files and directories for any malware or known malware patterns. It also allows users to schedule scans automatically as well as initiate scan for a particular file or devices at any time and notifies if any malicious code or file is detected. Users should make sure to keep antivirus security software installed and up-to-date to have a better chance of staying protected against cyber criminals.

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