International Payment in Nepal: Introducing eSewa’s Cross-Border Payment Feature

International Payment in Nepal

International Payment in Nepal: Introducing eSewa’s Cross-Border Payment Feature | Bridging borders for ease & convenience


Exciting News for eSewa QR Merchants!

Does your business often get customers from our friendly neighbors of India? Do you also wish for your Indian customers who come to Nepal for vacation to experience the seamless payments? Do you too wish your well wishers across border to be able to adopt the modern Cashless and Digital way for paying for your goods or services.

We at eSewa are here to assist you in this initiative as well. We are proud to announce Cross-Border Payment Feature  in collaboration with Fonepay and NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) .

By adopting the Cross-Border Payment, eSewa Merchants shall be able to receive the payment seamlessly on their eSewa Acquired Fonepay QR for the goods or services they offer to Indian Tourists via PhonePe App, BHIM App, & Google Pay.

We believe this shall help solve the current issue for our merchants and our friends across the border. We further believe with the assistance of our ever-so-supportive 450K+ QR Merchants spread all across Nepal, we shall help bridge the current gap and narrow borders through the modern digital economy. With your support, we are here to help your business grow and assist your customers to solve their current pain-points.

Benefits of Cross-Border (International Payment) in Nepal

1. No risk of counterfeit Indian Currency Notes

As hardworking merchants, we understand your pain of having to worry about fake Indian Currency paper notes floating in the market. It must be truly devastating to realize that your hard earned money had some fraud involved. By adopting the digital way to receive payments through eSewa registered Fonepay QR, the risk of counterfeit fake paper notes is eliminated, thus ensuring our merchants’ hard earned money isn’t wasted. 

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction from International Payment in Nepal

Who knows better than you, our hardworking merchants, that the customers are always looking for easy and convenient way. The importance of Cashless Digital Economy, and customers’ preference for the same is immense. We believe by adopting the Cashless system, your customers shall have enhanced satisfaction. This not only solves the issue of carrying cash and change in hand for your customers, but also helps you track your income better and manage your money more efficiently. 

3. Growth in Business & Opportunities for Cross-Border (International Payment) in Nepal

As business owners, we understand your desire for scalability of your business. By adopting this system, we believe you can allocate more time for enhancing your business. Furthermore, with Cross-Border Payment Feature on your side, we trust the modern tech-savvy Indian Citizens are more inclined to choose seamless opportunity at your business compared to the traditional cash based business full of hassles. 

4. No hassle for foreign cash exchange

By subscribing to this new feature, all the hassles for merchants to allocate time and resources to exchange the paper cash notes is eliminated. This also reduces your hassle to figure out the better alternative near you for foreign currency exchange and the unreasonably high commission usually involved with it. 


How to enable Cross-Border Payment (International Payment) Feature in Nepal? (For Merchants)

The service is currently available to eSewa’s small and medium scale businesses registered in Fonepay QR Network by default. However, if your business is not currently subscribed to cross-border (international payment) payment in Nepal, kindly contact us to activate the service for your business. You don’t need to replace your existing eSewa Acquired Fonepay QR Code to accept Cross-Border QR Payments. Merchants can use their existing QR codes to accept UPI Scan and Pay services.

Cross-Border Transaction Charges 

Please note that minimal standard charges of 1.95% shall be applied to Merchants per transaction upon receiving payment via UPI enabled Payment Apps. Charges are subject to changes in future if applicable. Domestic QR Payments shall continue to be free of any charges. 

If you wish to opt out from accepting Cross-Border QR Payments, please notify us. Gradually, the opt-out option shall be available in the Merchant Panel and Fonepay Business App.

How to activate Cross- Border Payment (International Payment) in Nepal ? (For Indian Citizens)

To enable Cross-Border Payment (International Payment) in Nepal, Indian citizens need to open their PhonePe App or BHIM App or Google Pay and activate UPI International Payments feature.

To use this feature, Indian Citizens need to scan the Fonepay QR Code available at eSewa Merchants from their PhonePe App or BHIM App or Google Pay. For the transaction, users needs to input amount in NPR currency and proceed with the payment confirmation. Upon the transaction being successful, equivalent INR Amount is deducted* from user’s account and payment notification is received by the merchant.

Please note that the users are required to be physically present within Nepal’s borders and enable the device’s location to be able to use this feature. 
*Minimal currency conversion fee might be levied for Cross-Border Payment feature.

Further Enhancements about Cross-Border Payment (International Payment in Nepal):

In the recent future, Nepali citizens shall also be able to make international payment to Indian Merchants across the border seamlessly by scanning QR codes through their eSewa App. We are currently working on this feature and shall update you with the good news through our official social media handles once the feature is LIVE.

We are forever grateful for 15 years of your trust and togetherness. With your continued support, we shall continue to bring you new features keeping your convenience in priority. Keep on promoting Digital Cashless Economy. #GoGreen #GoDigital #eSewaChhadaiChhaNi

The Cross-Border Payment Feature has been LIVE as of now.

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