Interested in becoming an eSewa merchant? Here’s how you can do it.

Become a eSewa Merchant

eSewa merchants are businesses with eSewa integrated in their e-commerce sites or business panels. Currently, we have more than 15,000 eSewa merchants, and also 40,000+ merchant partners who have integrated eSewa Scan and Pay in their business. For becoming eSewa’s merchant partner, following documents are required:

  •         PAN/VAT certificate of your business.
  •         Certificate of Registration of your business.
  •         Business owner’s Citizenship.
  •         2 PP Photos.
  •         Recent Tax clearance certificate.
  •         Bank Account in any of our member banks.
  •         Website

If you have all the required documents, you can approach us for integrating eSewa as a payment partner for your business anytime using any one of the following modes:

  • Form: You can fill our Merchant application form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you soon so that we can discuss online payment integration options for your business.
  • Phone Call: Another approach would be a phone call. Call us at our toll-free number 1660-01-02121.
  • Social Media Messages: You can also inbox us at any of your social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram (@esewa_official), or Viber (+977 1234512345).
  • Office Visit: If you are more comfortable with face-to-face interaction, then you can always visit us at our office: Movers & Shakers Media Pvt. Ltd. Pulchowk, Lalitpur

After our initial conversation, we will be scheduling a meeting or communicating further through the mobile phone depending on your business location. In the meeting, we will be discussing about the services we will be providing to you and analyzing the suitable mode of payment for you. We have different mode of service integration for your business to align with us. The common modes are:

  1.     Epay
  2.     SDK (Software Development Kit)
  3.     Form-Based
  •         Epay: For businesses having their own website, we provide eSewa’s Application Programming Interface. This API will be provided to you along with test credentials. Once the API is integrated and tests are complete, eSewa will be activated as a payment option for your website and we can perform live transactions.
  •         SDK: For businesses having mobile application, we will be providing SDK to enable payment from mobile application for both android and iOS.
  •         Token Payment: If you want your customers to be able to make payments for your services directly from eSewa app itself like that of Worldlink, a unique token will be created at your end. Then, you will need to share your API with eSewa for integration so that customers can enter token at eSewa’s platform for payment.
  •         Form-based: For those businesses not having websites and web applications, we have a form-based payment integration option. In this, we will create a payment form based on your business requirements in eSewa portal where users will be able to make payments after filling the required details. You will receive an instant payment notification in your email after every transaction and the payment will also be reflected in your merchant panel.

After deciding on the best possible mode of integration for your business, we will prepare a draft agreement and send it to you either via electronic means or through a personal meeting. Once you have reviewed the draft agreement, an official agreement will be prepared and signed by all concerned parties.

Signing the agreement will take us to the next step i.e. service integration. We will collaborate with you for integrating the payment mode that was decided upon during the analysis phase. In case of form-based payment integration, we will be preparing a customized template based on your business needs. After the completion of the integration process, we will be testing if the services are properly functioning or not. We will also be providing training about how to use our merchant panels. Finally, after the services are tested, we will be going live. With this, your consumers can make payments for your services using eSewa. Additionally, we will also be promoting our merchants through our website, social media and other channels.

So, if you want to integrate eSewa as your payment partner, get in touch with us today!

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