How to cope up with your kids’ free days at home?

How to cope up with your kids' free days at home?

With the pandemic taking over the whole world, most of the countries have announced lockdown, people are under self-quarantine, and as the school is over, children are on a long holiday. If the pandemic continues, it is unsure when the educational institutions will be reopened. Parents around the globe are faced with the question of how to handle this situation.

So, some of the ways to cope with this current situation can be:


Don’t Panic and organize your time

It is normal to feel uncertain and be afraid of children’s health and education. As a parent, it is important to stay calm and plan what your kid’s daily routine is going to be like. Firstly, explain to the children about the on-going pandemic and teach them preventive measures. Allocate some free time for entertainment, and some for reading/ writing in order to continue their learning habit. Additionally, encourage them to explore their passion, be it singing, drawing, dancing, or something else.

Utilize online learning classes

With the advancement in technology, many institutions are now providing online courses. Children can learn by watching interactive videos, listening to audios and more. In Nepal, MiDas eClass has collaborated with eSewa to provide free 15 days subscription to the children. You can choose your child’s grade and let them learn at their own pace.

Teach your kids household work

It is a great time to teach children household work as they are free from the pressures of school work. According to their age group, teach them how to organize their bed, gardening, fold their own clothes, or even prepare simple meals like sandwiches.

These are tough times, but, with necessary precautions like washing your hands regularly, maintaining hygiene, and maintaining social distance, one can utilize this time to enhance the kids’ productivity.

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