House Moving Made Easy with Ghar Sarai Service 

Kathmandu currently has an approximate population of 30 lakh with more than 8 Lakh families living in the city. Among those approximately 4 lakh families are living on rent and among them, many are shifting flats or moving to their own homes. In all this, people require a logistics vehicle to move all their items from one place to another.   

In finding the logistics vehicle people encounter various problems such as 

  • Easy availability of the required type of vehicle 
  • The constant need for bargaining to find the right price
  • Delay in service provided by the vehicle 
  • Safety and security issues of their items 
  • Loaders not being available to load and unload the items 

Since Nepal is moving towards digital transformation, eSewa in partnership with Upaya is proud to introduce the “Ghar Sarai” Service where people can easily request a vehicle for house and office shifting. This collaboration between eSewa, the leading digital wallet service provider and Upaya which is a leading logistics service provider in Nepal aim to resolve all the hassle and problems that people have in finding the right logistics vehicle while house moving. 

The newly introduced “Ghar Sarai” service will aim to resolve the problems with which people are facing with house moving through 

  • Standard pricing of required logistics vehicle 
  • People can easily book the service (vehicle) through the eSewa app 
  • Get quality and timely service of required vehicle 
  • Get easy access to large networks of logistics vehicles that best suit your needs 
  • Trained and experienced loaders that are easily available 

The service is designed for people that are planning to shift a single room, flats, or even a whole house and are looking for an easy and reliable logistics vehicle to move their items from one place to another. 

How you can use the “Ghar Sarai” Service: 

 Step 1: Open your eSewa app 

Step 2: Scroll Down to New Services where you will find the “Ghar Sarai” icon and then click on it. You can also search for Ghar Sarai in the top search button to access the service directly. 

Step 3: Then the “Ghar Sarai” page where you can enter all the details shall be displayed. 

Step 4: There you will have to enter your pickup location. Currently, the service is only available in Kathmandu Valley, i.e. within 3 districts of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. You can choose any rural municipality as well within the Kathmandu Valley that has the access to roads. 

Step 4.1: Then will have to enter your drop-off location. You can select any place within 3 districts of Kathmandu Valley, i.e. Kathmandu, Lalitpur, or Bhaktapur as per your need. 

Step 5: Then you can select the house moving categories which include 1BHK, 2BHK, Flat, or House Moving.  

Step 6: Then you can enter from which floor your items need to be picked up. (Ground, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, etc) 

Step 7: Then you can enter on which floor your items need to be dropped off. (Ground, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, etc) 

Step 8: Then you can select the date of when you want the service. 

Step 9: After that, you will have to provide your Name and Contact Details 

After accepting the terms can condition you will have to pay the booking amount of Rs 100. This advance amount is collected to ensure that we don’t get spam bookings. This amount shall be deducted from the full amount that is to be paid after the delivery of our services.
*If the booking is cancelled, the advance amount will be redeposited to the user account.  

 After the Booking is Processed: 

After the booking amount is paid, a representative from our side shall contact you on the submitted contact details to understand your requirement better and then provide detailed pricing and vehicles custom-tailored to your needs.
*Upaya team will contact you within the same day of booking during working hours (10 AM to 6 PM), if the booking is done after 6 PM, you will be contacted the next day. 

After we confirm your requirement, we shall find the most suitable vehicle that is required for your house moving and send it to the location provided by you at the given time. The team will then load your items into their vehicle and deliver them to your drop-off location and then unload the items to the specified floor.  

Payment Process: 

After the house moving is completed you can pay the specified amount via eSewa or Cash to the Upaya representative there. 

Now shifting houses, flats, and offices is made easy with “Ghar Sarai” 

 *This service is currently available for Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur Only. 

*Since logistics vehicles cannot operate inside the ring road from 9 AM to 11 AM and 4 PM to 7 PM due to government-restricted traffic hours, it may cause some inconvenience to the user. 



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