Get to know QR codes

Scan to pay QR codes

You might be seeing little barcode like square things wherever you go, from grocery shops to airports, and even Snapchat. Seeing these things everywhere, you are probably wondering what they are, these square barcode-like things are known as Quick Response codes, or QR codes. 

With the recent boom in the use of QR, it is very likely for most of us to think that they are recent developments, but in reality, they have existed since 1994. QR code is a barcode that contains a matrix of dots which can be scanned using a QR scanner app in Smartphones.Once scanned, these QR codes often direct a user to a website or an application.

Today, QR codes are used in almost every sector from storing contact information or directing users to your company’s blog, and even making online payments. Talking about QR code payments, it is a form of contactless payment where consumers using their smartphones, scan the QR code displayed at any store’s check-out counter, enter the bill amount and submit to make payments. In Nepal, you can see QR code table-tops in grocery stores, restaurants, spas and saloons, and air-ticket counters. With the recent collaboration between Sarathi Cab, f1Soft and Kumari Bank, now you can even see these QR codes inside Taxis. 

From now on, wherever you go, whatever you do, Scan these QR codes using your eSewa mobile app and enjoy a quicker payment.

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