Get insured, Get assured

Reasons to get insured with insurance

In life, as we move through phases of our education, career, starting our own business venture, etcetera, and we make plans. But, life is full of uncertainties and these plans can be effected within seconds from unexpected incidents such as accident, fire or even theft. Insurance is one of the tools which helps us spread our risk and protect ourselves from life’s uncertainties.


Why insurance is important?

Insurance ensures Family and Business Stability

Insurance provides safety and security against risk. In life as well as in business, there is always a chance of sudden loss. Sudden losses could take any form such as the death of a family member, a business partner or breakdown of important production equipment. In such cases, insurance provides the necessary funds to help the family or the business entity maintain stability and avoid a financial crisis.

Insurance helps protect your entrepreneurial venture

Taking calculated risk is an inevitable part of running a business. But, sometimes, things can go wrong and even the calculated risks could end in crisis. Big companies have the chance of bearing losses and getting over the crisis. But, it is hard for small companies to bear all of the losses on their own. This is where insurance comes in. Insurance can protect small entrepreneurs from risks through business interruption insurance, and etcetera.

Encourage Savings

Paying insurance premiums at regular intervals encourages savings. Also, with insurance plans such as the term return of premium, at the end of the insurance period, the insured gets their money along with premium. Moreover, getting insured saves you from having to take out a huge sum of money from your own pocket at the time of crisis such as accidents, medical emergencies, and etcetera. Insurance also acts as a tax-saver for any business.

Peace of Mind

When our future is secured, we get peace of mind. Insurance protects our family as well as our business from unknown risks and lets us live a relaxed life.

Thinking about all the benefits, get insured today and pay the insurance premium using eSewa.

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