Fresh New Look at your eSewa app

Fresh New Look at your eSewa app

Get ready for an all new eSewa experience- your eSewa app is now more user-friendly, with easy accessibility to your favorite features.
After gaining vital insights from our customer base, we have made several changes to the layout. We have made sending money easier with reduced steps, and introduced “offers” section. Now, you can make quicker payments and also learn about on-going merchant offers easily.

You now get to see a completely new eSewa app home screen with modified icons. Our aim is to make the app simpler and provide users with their favorite features right in the home screen.
You can now see your wallet balance and the reward points right in front of you in the home screen. Need to load or send funds? Find it all at the top bar. What’s more, check your recent transactions directly from the “Statement” tab.

Attractive app interface is not the only advantage users get with our new update. Now, you can also send money via City express remittance, and load funds to your eSewa using NIBL internet banking. You can also make payments for Hetauda Khanepani from eSewa app itself.

Finally, good news for users of Android Version 10, it now fully supports eSewa application.

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today:

We update the ongoing offers on our social media platforms. Stay Tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber Community for further updates.

2 thoughts on “Fresh New Look at your eSewa app

  1. I don’t find the usefulness of home button until this ribbon is pinned. I mean why it has been introduced if one has to click back button to come to home screen.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Thank you for the valuable feedback. We will be sure to consider them in our future updates.

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