Fonepay joins hands with Sarathi for online payments in their cabs

Opening of QR Code scan to pay in Sarathi cab in collaboration with Fonepay and Kumari Bank

You already recharge your mobile phones online, purchase movie tickets and airline tickets online, even pay for utility bills like electricity and internet online. If you live around the city and use ride-hailing apps like tootle, you might be well-informed about paying for your bike ride through digital wallets, but how about taxis? Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay online for taxis too? Now, with Fonepay and Kumari Bank’s collaboration with Sarathi Cab, online payments for taxi ride is possible. Sarathi Cab’s all 1200+ taxis now have QR codes available in their cabs. Users can use eSewa application or any other Fonepay mobile banking application and pay ride fare using Scan to Pay. 

The introduction of QR service is expected to benefit not only the customers, but cab drivers as well. In addition to common benefits like customers not having to carry bulky wallets and getting rid of the tedious task of looking for change, they also enjoy various cashback offers. On the other hand, cab drivers also get bonus for encouraging online payments. Furthermore, co-founder of Sarathi Cab believes that introduction of online payments is expected to encourage saving habits among car drivers as the money is directly deposited in their bank accounts.

So, start making online payments on taxi rides too and help Nepal get one step closer to a cashless economy.

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