About eSewa

What is eSewa?

eSewa is a digital wallet, which ensures real-time, secure and instant payment to various merchants. With eSewa, you can make various payments such as utility bill payment (NEA, Khanepani, etc.), recharge mobile, pay internet bill, airlines and bus ticketing, movie ticketing, make a bank transfer (eSewa to bank), scan and pay to the merchants, and many more. An individual when registers and uses eSewa, gains the cashback* and reward points on transactions made.

Does it cost to register in eSewa?

Being a digital platform, an individual who owns the right of being a citizen of the state can register in eSewa without any charges. An individual must own the nationality certificate as citizenship/license/passport/voter’s ID card to register in eSewa.

Are there any charges applicable in using eSewa services?

The services in eSewa are free of charge. However, charges may incur depending on the policies adopted by eSewa.

Is eSewa secure?      

eSewa is a business entity regulated by the Nepal Rastra Bank’s rules and regulations, and an ISO ceritified digital wallet. Hence, it is the safe and easy mode of payment.


Registration process

How do I get registered in eSewa?

You can easily register in eSewa via eSewa mobile application or website.

For registration via mobile application:

  • Download eSewa application from Playstore (for Android) or App Store (for iPhone).
  • Then, you shall be directed towards the homepage. With the options displayed as Login or register, click on register.
  • Fill in the details as asked and submit.
  • You shall then be registered in eSewa.

For registration via the website:

  • Search for https://esewa.com.np
  • Click on the “Register” option on the right side of the page.
  • Fill in the details as asked and tick on the boxes that are displayed for acceptance of terms and conditions and reCAPTCHA (I’m not a robot).
  • Click on “Register”.
  • An email shall be sent in the registered email ID for the confirmation of registration. Click on the link and confirm your registration.

(If you do not receive the email of confirmation, please thoroughly check the folders in your email; else, please make a query to our customer support.)

The password (MPIN) for your login to eSewa application shall be shared to you via text message to the registered mobile number whereas the web login password can be set on your own.


User status

Generally, in eSewa, we have user status as verified and unverified and can be seen on your profile.

Unverified status:

  • It means your eSewa account is missing the detailed information (KYC details) and verification documents (Citizenship/license/passport/voter’s ID card).

Verified status:

  • It means you have filled in all the required KYC details and documents. Hence, you can enjoy all the services of eSewa having limitations as it is.
  • Make bank transfer.
  • Make Western Union pick up.

Being a verified user, you can perform all the transactions. Hence, if you have not filled the details yet, login to your eSewa ID, visit to profile, and fill the KYC details to enjoy the benefit of the unlimited transactions.

How many devices and login credentials can be added to eSewa?

  • You can add up to 5 secondary details to your eSewa ID being mobile number or email ID.
  • User can have utmost of 3 devices bind in eSewa.

To add login credentials, login to eSewa, visit profile, click on devices and credentials >>credentials >> and add details.


eSewa load

How do I put money in eSewa wallet?

To make any transactions via eSewa, one must have a balance in eSewa. Therefore, eSewa can be loaded via four different mediums being internet banking, mobile banking, counter deposit, and via Cash Points.

Internet banking and mobile banking are the services provided by banks which upon login can be used in loading eSewa.

For more details on the banks linked with us for eSewa load, click here.

Also, you can load eSewa via Cash Points. Cash Points are the authorized agents of eSewa who will help you in loading eSewa for free for Rs.20,000 per month. For more details on Cash Points, click here.

Counter deposit is the way of loading eSewa where upon your visit to a bank, you need to fill up the separate eSewa deposit slip and submit it.

The banks available for counter deposit are:

  1. Global IME Bank
  2. Prabhu Bank
  3. Mega Bank
  4. Mahalaxmi Bank
  5. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank
  6. Rastriya Banijya Bank
  7. Saptakoshi Development Bank
  8. Jyoti Bikas Bank
  9. ICFC Finance Ltd.
  10. Nepal Investment Bank
  11. Citizens Bank
  12. Prime Bank

Else, you can as well ask your friends and family to make eSewa to eSewa transfer when you need balance in eSewa and your friends and family are connected with eSewa.

How do I recover the password?

Login passwords for mobile applications and the web are different. Hence, in case you have forgotten your MPIN (mobile application login password), you can reset it with the procedure here.

Similarly, for web login password, please find the procedure here.

Through which mobile operators can I access eSewa?

eSewa can be accessed with NTC, Ncell, or Smart cell.

Does eSewa hold the money in its own bank?

Since laws and regulations in Nepal require licensed banks and financial institutions to collect and hold money from the general public, eSewa has duly appointed an ‘A’ Class Financial Institution as a settlement bank from the very first day of operation. Settlement Bank holds the rights and responsibilities of all the wallet balances in eSewa.

How do I get my money back if I no longer want to use eSewa?

With the bank transfer option available with us, you can have your amount transferred to the bank, if you wish to discontinue using eSewa.

I transferred some amount from my internet banking and/or mobile banking to my eSewa account, but I cannot see the update in eSewa?

Your eSewa balance should be updated immediately after transferring funds from any bank. However, if the amount has not been loaded in eSewa, then a few errors as below have created the obstruction:

-Failure of the communication link between a member bank and eSewa, or

-Insertion of wrong eSewa ID.

We suggest you please call eSewa support for further assistance.


Merchant Payments

I am shopping through an eCommerce (online Shopping) site. Can I make the payment through eSewa?

The merchants associated with us can be paid for via eSewa. You can either login to eSewa and search for the merchant to make the payment or on merchant’s eCommerce sites, look for the logo of eSewa to make the payment.

How long does eCommerce merchants takes to deliver my item?

eSewa does not hold accountability for the product delivery. Please confirm delivery time from your merchant by calling them or from their website.

Can I make payments for the purchased goods/services at different stores?

You can easily make payments to the merchants where you can see “fonepay accepted” stickers or table top QR codes at their store. Simply, login to your eSewa and make the payment via Scan and Pay option.

I just paid for an online shopping site and the transaction status says “Pending”. What does it refer to?

The transaction status is pending until the merchant makes the delivery or accepts the payment. In case of product unavailability, the merchant will refund your paid amount.


Fund transfer

The act of sending eSewa balance using ‘Send Money’ from one eSewa account to the other eSewa account is referred to as fund transfer. To use the service, both of the parties must be an eSewa user.

I received fund from my friend in my mobile number or email address through eSewa but I am not registered. What should I do?

In the cases as such, please follow the registration procedure as indicated in the Registration Process using the same mobile number or the same email address in which you have received the amount.

How can I withdraw money from my eSewa account to a bank account?

You can withdraw eSewa balance to a bank account by visiting to ‘bank transfer’ option on your mobile app or on web portal.

Login to eSewa>> Bank transfer>> fill the details and make withdraw.


For any confusion or queries, please feel free to contact us at our toll-free number: 1660-01-02121 (for NTC only), Toll-Free No: 1810-21-02121(For Ncell only).

Don’t have an eSewa app on your smartphone? Download it today: bit.ly/eSewa_App

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