Cash IN

Cash IN:

You can visit our authorized Cash IN agents popularly known as eSewa Cash Points and load funds (CASH IN) in your wallet without any hassle or additional cost. This quick and easy solution to load funds in your wallet on the go is especially helpful for users who don’t have Internet banking or Mobile banking!


1. What is Cash IN?

Cash IN is a service that allows you to receive the fund in your wallet from authorized eSewa Cash Points. Cash IN stations is branded under brand name eSewa Cash Point.

2. How much does loading funds via Cash Point Cost?

You won’t be charged any additional charges for Cash IN up to free Cash IN limit. Your free Cash IN limit is NPR. 10,000 per month. If you wish to Cash IN which exceeds the free Cash IN limit, there is a nominal Cash IN charge which will be automatically deducted by the system from your eSewa account.  You don’t have to provide any additional sum except transaction amount to Cash Point operator.

3. Are there any criteria that I must meet as an eSewa user to do Cash IN?

There are no specific criteria to be fulfilled to become eligible to do Cash IN. The minimum Cash IN amount is Rs. 100 whereas the Maximum Cash IN amount per transaction is Rs.10,000.

4. Where are Cash Points located?

Cash Points are located in all major junctions and joints of all major places of Nepal.

5. How to identify a Cash Points?

You can easily identify our authorized Cash Points simply on the basis of Signage Boards, Billboards, Glow Sign Boards, Side Boards or any other print outs having our logo with CASH POINT mentioned on it like follow:eSewa Cash Point Logo to Cash In

6. How to Cash IN?

Visit our Cash Points and provide your registered eSewa ID and amount you need. You will immediately receive sum on your wallet after the successful completion of a transaction.

7. How do I know my transaction is successful?

You will receive a notification when the transaction is complete. Notification will be SMS notification, Cloud-based message or an e-mail based on notification addresses provided by you and their availability.

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