eSewa Care FAQs


1. What is eSewa Care?

eSewa Care is a Health Care package prepared by eSewa for customers where they can find different kinds of facilities to improve their health @ just Rs. 360/year with benefits worth more than Rs. 1 Lakh.


2. Why do you need to buy eSewa Care?

Customers can find multiple offers related to Health Care products for 1 year through the package.


3. What are the benefits?

Customers will receive more than Rs. 100,000 worth of benefits @ just Rs. 360/year which includes Free Consultation on Dental Health, Rs. 500 off on Dental Scaling, up to 20% discount on Hair & Beaty Spas & Accidental Insurance up to Rs. 230,000/-


4. How to claim the benefits?

a. eSewa Reward Points will be auto-updated right after buying eSewa Care. 

b. Customers must visit our Merchants with the PDF of eSewa Care for discounts and consultation. 

c. And, for Accidental Insurance, the customer can contact HEI and provide the required documents.


5. For how long are the offers valid?

The offers are valid for a year starting from the purchase date of eSewa Care.


6. How many times can a customer claim the offers?

Each offer is valid only 1 time per year.


7. What is covered in Accidental Insurance?

Accidental Insurance covers:

a. Hospital bed charge coverage up to Rs. 10,000 per day, at a rate of Rs. 1,000 per day.

b. Death & Disability up to Rs. 100,000/-

c. Accidental Medical Rs. 100,000/-

d. Funeral Transportation Rs. 10,000/-

e. Funeral Expenses Rs. 10,000/-


8. What is the claim process for Accidental Insurance?

a. Inform HEI to intimate claim within 35 days.

b. Attending doctor’s prescriptions in original or copy.

c. Discharge summary in original or copy.

d. Claim form to be completed by the claimant.


9. What is not covered in Accidental Insurance?

a. Complications of pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion birth control sterilization, or infertility treatment.

b. Mental or nervous breakdown, congenital or heredity defects or conditions such as HIV/AIDS or any sexually transmitted disease, alcoholism or substance abuse self-inflicted injury suicide or any attempt, and organ transplants elective surgery.

c. Prostheses cosmetic plastic or reconstructive surgery unless it results from an insured accidental injury.

d. Hospital expenses incurred outside of Nepal.

e. Hospitalization claim can be made only after 30 days of purchase.

f. Routine eye tests dental treatment or other examinations and/or tests not incidental to treatment or diagnosis of an insured injury sickness or disease.

g. Hospitalization expenses incurred outside of Nepal.

h. Hospitalization expenses incurred for any person over the age of sixty (60).


10. What is the purpose of eSewa Care?

a. Help improve the health of our customers.

b. Low price with high benefits.

c. Offers & Discounts on Health Care Sectors.

d. One Stop Solution for Health Care.

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