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Dish Home Packages

Dish Home customers can now pay both their Internet and TV bills conveniently from eSewa. No matter where you are, you can make payments right from your mobile app or web. Nowadays, there are various packages of Dish Home where you can enjoy more than one benefit on a single package. And, if you were trying to learn about the different packages, you’ve just landed on the right place.

The details of the packages are as follows:

  1. Dish Home Topup

You can recharge your Dish Home TV by using CAS ID or Chip ID or Customer ID from here. The payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis based on the user’s choice.

  1. Dish Home Yearly Offer

This package provides 24 months of Dish Home recharge at just the cost of 1 year. Customers who pay 1 year’s recharge by entering their previously provided Customer ID/Chip ID. CAS ID from Dish Home can enjoy watching TV for 24 whole months.

  1. Dish Home Combo Package

Customers who have both Dish Home TV and Internet connected can make the payments simultaneously from here.

  1. Dish Home FIBERNET

Customers having just the Dish Home Internet package can make payments right from here.

Customers can change packages or shift to another package at any time just by contacting Dish Home. The toll free contact number of Dish Home is 16600122000. Customers can simply call and make changes as per their requirements.

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