Digital wallets are becoming a part of people’s everyday lives.

eSewa - Online payments for everything

Talking about life in the 21st century, we can see that everything is related to technology. Technology has become one of the biggest industries, among which, the Internet is the one which has turned the world upside down. With Internet, everything is now digitized and the world has become a Global Village. One of the biggest impact of the Internet can be seen in the way consumers make payments for their purchases. Online payments are increasing day by day and digital wallets are becoming a part of our everyday life.

Digital wallet aims at replacing the physical wallet and making a cashless society. With digital wallets, people can recharge their mobile phones as well as make various payments including electricity bills, water expenses, restaurant bills, online shopping, internet bills, and etc. As digital wallets provide payment options for everyday expenses, people have started to use it almost everyday and for almost all the payments. 

eSewa is also a digital wallet working continuously for a digital Nepal. Use of  physical wallets still persists, however, people are increasingly using eSewa for paying their utility bills, purchasing movie tickets, recharging their mobile phones, paying school and college fees, and for many other facilities.

It can be concluded that since the payments through digital wallets are much easier and hassle free, people prefer it more than physical wallets. Also, it has gained a lot of popularity and has become a part of most people’s daily lives. 

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