Dashain Party 2076

Happy Dashain from F1Soft and a group of companies

As the leading IT company of Nepal, it is evident that members at F1Soft know how to get work done. But, what you may not know is that our people can rock a party as well. Celebrating the arrival of Dashain, we recently had a party at Silver Oak Banquet and Events. There were performances, story sharing and of course dancing. Ms. Simal wonderfully handled the program as the Master of Ceremony. 

Among the many performances, the most-awaited was definitely Mr. Mohan Duwal and his band. The harmonious tune of Flute, rhythmic beats of Tabala and his melodious voice, all contributed to a gripping performance. Similarly, the audience will surely remember the group dance to Kala Chasma, Solo Guitar act by Mr. Prashant Dahal and the ending performance by Mr. Rushant Shrestha. All the performances were action packed and audience definitely loved watching them.
While the performances added fun to the event, our members also got valuable insights from our company leaders. One of the most interesting moments was probably when Diyalo technologies surpassed all others winning the company of the year. 

On completion of all the performances, the attendants had fun dancing to the fun music, and enjoying a delicious meal. On the whole, F1Soft group seemed to enjoy the whole event tremendously. 

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