Corporate eSewa: Solution for faster and convenient interbank fund transfer (IBFT)

Looking for faster and convenient interbank fund transfer (IBFT) for your corporate house? Corporate eSewa can be the best solution.  

Streamlining interbank fund transfers for corporate entities has never been easier with Corporate eSewa, a comprehensive solution designed to offer convenience, speed, and security. Here’s a detailed overview of how Corporate eSewa simplifies fund transfers within our network banks: 


Corporate eSewa is a comprehensive digital payment platform designed specifically for businesses houses. It offers seamless and secure interbank fund transfers (IBFT) for corporate entities. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing multiple bank accounts and facilitates secure electronic fund transfers between accounts within our network of banks. 


  1. API Based Integration: 
  • Seamlessly integrates with the client’s system for direct fund transaction processing. 
  1. DC Model (Desktop Client Model): 
  • Installed on the client’s computer. 
  • Involves “Maker” and “Checker” roles for initiating and approving transactions respectively. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Fast Transactions: Enables the fastest possible interbank fund transfers through secure banking channels. 
  • Batch Transaction: Allows initiation and approval of batch transactions, handling over 1000 transactions in a single click. 
  • Real-Time Processing: Ensures real-time processing of fund transfers and payment instructions. 
  • Secure and Reliable transactions: High Level of security to protect business transactions with advanced encryption and authentication safeguard ensuring complete privacy and integrity. 
  • Account Validation: Offers an account validation feature for initiating real-time transactions. 
  • Dedicated Support: Support team provides personalized guidance and troubleshooting support for your payment needs. 

Security Measures: 

  1. User-level Security: 
  • Unique Digital Certificates for each Corporate User. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication with OTP sent to registered mobile numbers. 
  • Compliance with Maker & Checker norms for financial transactions. 
  1. Network-level Security: 
  • Utilizes Verisign SSL Certificate with 256-bit Encryption for clients. 
  • Secured VPN Connection for Member Banks. 
  1. Server-level Security: 
  • All data and information are encrypted and securely maintained at State-of-the-Art Servers at Data Centre Facilities. 

Requirements for Corporate eSewa: 

  • Business entity must be registered under Nepal’s law. 
  • Submission of PAN, Certificate of incorporation, and other requested documents. 
  • Submission of AML CFT form. 
  • Opening of accounts in member banks for Corporate eSewa service. 
  • Signing of tripartite agreement involving Member Banks, Corporate house, and eSewa Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Submission of debit authority letter to source bank. 
  • Installation of Digital Certificates on devices. 


  • Integration charge waived for the first 100 users. 

Transaction Cost: 

  • Rs. 10 per transaction. 

Contact Information: 

  • For further details or queries, contact [email protected] or call toll-free number: 1660-01-02121. 

For a more detailed understanding, please fill up the form and our team will get back to you: 

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