Common misconceptions about online shopping

Myths about Online Shopping

Online shopping made a late start in the Nepalese market. Although online shopping has witnessed a growing trend in recent days, many people are still hesitant. Today, we have with us a few myths that exist in the e-commerce world:


Low-Quality Products

One of the most frequent reasons cited by customers not to shop online is their fear of getting low-quality products that is not worth the cost. This is in fact not the case as most online stores purchase from the same wholesales as physical shop owners, or are classified sites providing a platform for brick-and-mortar shops to sell their products online such as Daraz and Okdam. Thus, whether you go to a physical store, or shop online, chances are you end up buying the same product.

Security Concerns

People tend to get insecure about their personal data being corrupted while shopping online. But, online shopping websites have increased security standards since they use encryption and decryption in their websites which protects user’s privacy while the user purchases their desired items.

Delivery is too slow in online shopping

Another reason people shy away from online shopping is because of the assumption that it takes a lengthy amount of time to get them delivered. While shipping products internationally may take weeks, shipping products inside Nepal has become very quick, thanks to companies like DHL and Fast Movers.

Online stores have a difficult Exchange Policy

Far too many people tend to shop in physical stores rather than in online stores thinking that they can’t exchange a product if they purchase it online. While a few stores have no return/ exchange policies, most of the e-commerce sites like Daraz these days have an easy exchange policy.

Now you know the truth behind these misconceptions, start shopping online.

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