Cherish the Moment: Stay Home, Stay Productive

Spread of COVID-19 has been a boon as well as a curse in different aspects of our lives. While we get to spend quality time with family, learn new things, learn the use of advanced technology, and many more, the spread of the virus has led to the loss of precious lives, shutting down of businesses, etc. Nevertheless, it is well said, we live better when we look at the positive sides of life. Here, let us explore the positive impact the COVID-19 has on our lives.

While we were busy with our schedule of college routines and office work and didn’t get to spend much quality time with family, being home at this time has led us to spend quality time with our family. We have been able to share much closer bonds as we dine together, help each other with the household chores, watch movies together, and treat our taste buds with varieties of recipes by surfing YouTube. Having said that, those working from home are having some hectic times as the work time has almost come to an unlimited time of the day. Despite the fact, we have been able to use technologies we never used before and added skills to our skillset. With the pandemic hovering around us and getting stronger day by day, it’s best we be at home to be safe and sound. We can use this time to remain fit and gain skills, be it as small as getting to use mobile phones for simpler purposes, and simplify daily lives by getting registered to eSewa and making bill payments.

This situation can also act as a teach-back time where we can have our parents, guardians use the mobile phone not just for using Facebook or YouTube, but also in making digital payments and boosting their confidence in online payments. Simpler things bring happiness to our senior citizens. Therefore, we can simply be with them, listen to their stories, learn from them, build up learning habits, writing habits, and many more. We are all built on small matters in life and being able to utilize them to the best potential will lead to greater impacts and rest becomes history.

Let’s Stay home, Stay safe, Stay healthy.

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