eSewa acknowledges and appreciates continuous love and support of our users who have helped us become the leader in the online payment industry. eSewa Champs Awards  Winners will be awarded with 1,000 Reward Points. Top 5 highest transactor from each of following services of Kartik are listed below.

  • Mobile Topup
  • TV Topup
  • Arilines
  • ISP
  • N.E.A

Thank you for all your contributions. We truly appreciate your commitment and dedication.

Mobile Topup

       Rita Basnet             Ganesh Shrestha        Chintan Timsina    Sharadh Sapkota       Janganath Bimli

T.V. Topup

    Angad Gupta             Arjun kumar shrestha         Bhimraj Ojha          Rishi Prasad Sedai        Shankar Shrestha

    Ajay Shrestha          Mammon Karki         Raghu Prasai             Roshan Shrestha   Sulochan Barakoti

Govinda Psd Subedi     Sanjay Chaudhary  Shree Krishna Gupta  Sumat Shrestha        Yubraj Adhikari

Jayanta Chamlagain  Nil Bahadur Malla    Shreejana Sth Gurung  Tarjan Rana              Rabindra Lamsal

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