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The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family are protected by life insurance is really priceless. Life insurance plays a very important role in securing a family’s future. However, it can be confusing to figure out which plan would suit the best for you. As a result, we are now providing different life insurance plans and can assist you in choosing the one that is perfect for your needs. Now, you can buy the most suitable life insurance plan online from eSewa by comparing different plans.

The plans that we provide are as follows:

1. Income Protection:

Protection against the loss of income due to disability or death. It is a Term Life Insurance where you can have maximum coverage with a minimum premium. You can either choose pure term life insurance or return premium term life insurance. It is considered the best type of life insurance for a family that has a limited income source or is dependent upon a single person.

2. Saving Protection:

A normal saving plan popularly known as Endowment Plan where you pay a premium on a regular interval and insurance companies pays you with a bonus after the expiry of the coverage period. In case of death or disability during the coverage period insurance company will pay your family, the entire Sum Assured and the bonus earned for the premium paid period.

3. Child Education:

A plan offers a mix of insurance and investment. The life insurance component guarantees that your child is financially protected even if something were to happen to you. The investment aspect allows you to grow your funds to secure your child’s future.

4. Long-Term Protection:

A long-term protection plan is a mix of normal Endowment and Whole life coverage. Here you can enjoy both saving and long-term protection with double payment benefits. You will pay a premium for the initial coverage period only. After the expiry of the initial coverage period insurance company will pay you, the Sum Assured plus a bonus, and insurance coverage continues for a lifetime without having to pay any premium.

5. Couple Plan:

A joint life insurance policy that covers two people. It is often purchased by a married couple and can be used if one partner does not qualify for their own policy or for financial planning. Like other life insurance, joint life is also a mix of investment and insurance where insurance provides a Sum Assured plus a bonus after the expiry of the term and loved ones with financial support in between if you pass away.

Follow this process to Buy Life Insurance from eSewa:

  1. Open eSewa app and go to the Buy Life Insurance section on the Homepage.

2. Select your plan.

3. Fill up your details and Proceed with the request.

4. Verify your details and Confirm the payment.

5. After confirming the payment, our support representative will call you for further processing.

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