Business Trends in Nepal

Everyone loves comfort. For instance, no one wants to walk if they own a car or a bike. Likewise, if someone can get products delivered at their doorstep then why would people go to the market to buy goods? Form this, concept of online service emerged.

Online Shopping is a trending service in Nepal. There are many online shopping portals like eSewa Pasal, OK dam, Sasto deal, Smart Doko, Muncha, Mero Shopping and many more which helps in buying and selling of goods and commodities from our comfort zone. Through online shopping, people can make various types of purchase like mobile phones, computer devices, fashion and accessories, garden and tools, health and beauty, sports and travel, gifts, toys, stationery and office supplies, food and beverage, automobiles and vehicles, books and entertainment and many more.

Another trending services in Nepal is online ride booking/sharing service. Due to the daily public transportation problems such as crowded bus, and unavailability of public bus during nighttime, the concept of online ride sharing concept has gained popularity. Online ride sharing services like Tootle, Pathao, and Sarathi provides users with the facility to book rides from their mobile phones and get rides easily at fair prices.

Another popular service is online bus/ airlines ticketing. Previously, people had to travel and wait in line just to purchase tickets. Especially during Dashain and Tihar, people had to wait for hours. Evaluating this situation, bus and airlines companies have partnered with online payment service providers to facilitate users with online ticketing services. This has reduced the hassle for customers to visit counter and stand in long queue enhancing customer experience.

Hotel industry has also seen tremendous growth in online booking. People love to travel with their friends and family, but used to have difficulty in finding the hotel room because of unfamiliarity with the location. But, online room booking system has evolved and travellers can sort out their stays pre-hand so that they can enjoy the places they are visiting.

In order to create a convenient way of payment for all these services from online shopping to hotel room booking, digital wallets have emerged as a powerful tool. Whatever online services customers may be consuming, it is incomplete without payment. Thus, to complete the whole transaction, online payment systems like eSewa are being integrated in businesses everyday.

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