We are thrilled to introduce our latest promotion, “बैंक ट्रान्सफर तथा सहकारीमा पैसा पठाउँदा, २ लाख जित्ने मौका!”, Be ready for मौका मा चौका offer which is offering eSewa users a chance to win up to Rs. 2,00,000! Join in on the fun and win a variety of amazing prizes, including a grand prize of Rs. 2,00,000. The campaign runs from June 2 to July 16, 2023 (Jestha 19 – Ashad 31, 2080), and there will be one lucky winner every week, each winning Rs. 20,000, in total there will be 6 weekly winners. Throughout the campaign, there will be 10 daily winners, each receiving Rs. 200. Exciting, isn’t it?

For Bank transfer:

  • Login to eSewa App or Web.
  • Tap on the Bank Transfer icon located at the top of the eSewa homepage.
  • Select your Linked or Saved Bank Account. If you have not set up your Linked or Saved Bank account, please enter the required bank details. Bank Transfer transactions can also be conducted using your mobile number through eSewa.
  • Enter your MPIN or Password and complete the transaction process.

    For Sahakari Deposit:

  • Login to eSewa App or Web.
  • Tap on the Sahakari Deposit icon, which lies in the right corner of the eSewa Homepage.
  • Fill in the required details of your Sahakari (Co-operative) then proceed and confirm.
  • Enter your MPIN or Password and proceed to complete the transaction.

For seamless, convenient, time-saving, and instant deposits in your Bank Account or Sahakari Account from the comfort of your phone, always use eSewa.

Here are the terms and conditions regarding the campaign:

  • The promotional campaign is open to all eSewa users who conduct transactions of Bank Transfers or Sahakari deposits.
  • The campaign will run for 45 days, starting from June 2 till July 16, 2023 (Jestha 19- Ashad 31, 2080).
  • At the end of the campaign period, one lucky winner will be awarded the grand bumper prize of Rs. 2,00,000 in a live winner announcement. We shall go live on eSewa’s official Facebook page.
  • The employees of eSewa and F1Soft Group shall be deemed ineligible to win the grand prize of this offer.
  • Customers can increase their chances of winning by transferring money from eSewa to Bank and Sahakari multiple times.
  • To qualify for the grand prize, users must have completed at least three counts of Bank Transfer or Sahakari Deposit transactions or a combination of both, within the campaign period (Jestha 19-Asar 21, 2080).
  • The grand prize winner should arrive in person at the designated place, within Kathmandu Valley, to collect their winning amount. If they are unable to come, they should notify to eSewa their nominated person with their reason and their nominated person.
  • The grand prize must be collected within a month of the winner’s announcement. eSewa can’t be held responsible for distributing the grand prize if the lucky winner cannot arrive or notify.
  • Lucky winners of Weekly Prizes and the Grand Prize shall be notified via a call from eSewa Representative.
  • Weekly prizes of Rs. 20,000 will be awarded to six winners one lucky winner per week, with the weekly winner being announced at the end of every week. The winning amount shall be credited to the lucky winners’ eSewa Wallet. The winners shall be announced through social media posts on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • To be eligible for the weekly prizes, customers must complete at least two counts of transactions, in total, of Bank Transfer or Sahakari Deposit or a combination of both within the week.
  • To be eligible for the daily Cashback of Rs. 200, available to 10 lucky winners each day within the campaign period, the users must have performed at least one transaction of either Bank Transfer or Sahakari Deposit. The amount shall be credited directly to the lucky winners’ eSewa Wallet.
  • Customers may participate in the daily offer only once, but daily winners can participate in the weekly and bumper prizes by performing multiple bank transfer transactions.
  • Weekly winners are also eligible to compete for the bumper prize by completing at least three Bank Transfer or Sahakari Deposit or a combination of both during the campaign period.         
  • The winner of the bumper prize will be selected through a random draw and announced within 10 days of the end of the campaign.
  • Winners of the Grand Prize shall be contacted through their eSewa registered contact number and must respond within fifteen days to claim their prize. For the lucky winner of the Weekly Prize, the winners should respond within seven days of contact at their eSewa registered contact number.
  • eSewa reserves the right to use the photograph, name and contact information while maintaining the confidentiality of the participants for marketing purposes for this campaign.
  • As per the governing laws of Nepal, a Windfall Gain of 25% TDS shall be levied on the winning amount, which applies to both the weekly winning amount and the bumper prize.
  • The eSewa reserves the right to disqualify any participant who does not comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign.
  • The eSewa reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel the campaign without prior notice to any parties involved.

So, what are you waiting for? To get a chance to win the bumper grand prize, weekly prizes and daily prizes, perform as many Bank Transfers or Sahakari Deposits as you want. Don’t forget to verify your KYC, if you haven’t already, to conduct Bank Transfer or Sahakari Deposit transaction. All the very best from our side.

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