Awareness on Digital Fee Payment

on left part organizers are evaluating the data and on right event organizer spreading awareness about digital fee payment

Digitizing school fee payments has been a key priority for eSewa to achieve its vision of a Digital Nepal. eSewa believes that online fee payments service can have a positive impact in the education sector. Many times, students are forced to return home because their fees haven’t been paid. On the other hand, it often happens that parents are late to pay their children’s school fees not because they are facing financial difficulties, but because they couldn’t manage the time to visit school for making payments. In order to facilitate parents and guardians to make school fee payments on time, we introduced the payment service in eSewa.

School fee payment service has received a lot of positive feedback from many Schools, Montessori and Colleges as well as parents. In order to aid the parents further, eSewa has taken steps and organized awareness campaigns during School food fests and result’s day. At the events, our representatives guide parents on how to make school fee payments using eSewa. They help the parents and guardians register to eSewa and also demonstrate how to make online payments so that the parents can take advantage of digital payments and rid themselves from the hassle of standing in long queues.

We are overwhelmed by the parents’ enthusiasm in every campaign we have conducted till now and their excitement to learn the digital way is what motivates us to conduct programs such as these in future days as well.

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