Amazing things that happened at eSewa in 2019

List of eSewa Amazing Things that happened in 2019

At eSewa, we are constantly looking for reasons to celebrate. A lot has happened in eSewa mobile application as well as the company this year. Among the many big and small reasons for celebration, here we have compiled few things that happened which got us very excited:


Introduced Video tutorial for Refer and Earn

Good things come to people who share! Oh wait, it’s REFER in our case. Refer eSewa to your friends and family and win up to Rs. 30. Confused on how to start referring? We now have a tutorial video inside the app itself. Just tap on refer and earn and you will be able to watch the tutorial video.

QR code for send money

Now, you don’t have to worry about getting numbers wrong while sending money to your friends, just open the app, scan their QR and their number will be auto-filled by the app itself. You can then proceed to fill the amount, purpose and send money easily.

Got blue tick in Facebook and 21K Instagram Followers

We received happy news in our Digital platforms as well. Our page got verified by Facebook this year and we also reached 20K followers in Instagram. We are thankful to all of our supporters and hope to receive similar amount of love and support in future days as well.

Ticketing partner for SAG

This year, Nepal hosted South Asian Games after 20 years, and we feel proud that we got to be the exclusive ticketing partner for the event. We successfully managed ticketing for four of the games: Football, Basketball, Cricket and Volleyball. The event gave us a lot of learning opportunities.

Save Payment

Our goal is to make our consumers’ lives as easy as possible. Remembering due dates for all the utilities can be stressful. So, this year we introduced “Save Payment” feature. Now, you can save payment dates and eSewa will remind you for bill payments the next time it’s due.


We are constantly offering discounts and cashback for the benefits of our customers, but, many times our customers seem to be unaware. As a solution, this year, we added “offers” section in our app. Now, our customers can view all of our existing offers at one place and enjoy the benefits.

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